Everything a Mistress needs to take Her Pleasure while keeping Her slave Helpless!

FemDom Orgasm Denial Chastity Kit  

Chastity Kit chastity Kit2

Deny them their pleasure while making sure you get yours!

Why should he be able to enjoy your body while pleasuring you?  This inclusive Fem Dom kit includes a gag with a dildo attached, so you can use his face as your own private sex toy while shutting him up.

The leather cock straight jacket will bind his penis, while the cuffs keep his hands from exploring your body or his own.

The crop is a classic and effective way to keep him in line as you take what you need and leave him wanting more.

Measurements: Leather chastity sleeve: 2 inches in diameter; Dildo gag: Neck strap adjusts from 15.5 to 21.2 inches around, Dildo has 4.75 inch insertable length, 1.55 inch max diameter, Gag has 2.5 inch insertable length, 1.5 inch max diameter; Cuffs: Adjust up to 14 inches in circumference, 2 inches in width; Crop: 26.25 inches in length, 2.5 inches wide Material: Leather, metal, fabric, PVC Color: Black Note: Kit comes with crop, two wrist cuffs, dildo face gag, and leather chastity pouch

If you are ready to submit to that Special Lady, then you need to hand this Kit to Her!

Intro To FemDom Bondage Kit  


This simple kit includes many of the staples you will need to dip your toes into the exciting world of Female Domination.

This Intro to FemDom kit includes a classic crop, for directing, intimidating, and punishing your naughty boy

The strong leather wrist and ankle cuffs are adjustable, and are built to last with quality materials and a comfortable feel.

The stretchy spandex hood will obscure their senses, while the zip open mouth will still leave them able to pleasure you at your command.

Measurements: Crop: 26.25 inches in length, 2.5 inches wide; Hood: one size fits most; Wrist Cuffs: 8.63 inches in length; Ankle Cuffs: 10.5 inches in length Material: Leather, spandex Color: Black Note: Kit includes hood, crop, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs

This National Best Seller shows you how to really bring out your Kinky Side in the Bedroom!

“Fifty Shades Of Pleasure: A Bedside Companion”by Marisa Bennett  

Fity Shades

Fifty Shades Of Pleasure: A Bedside Companion by Marisa Bennett.

Sex Secrets That Hurt So Good.  Surrender to Your Desire for Naughty Bedroom Pleasures…

If hot erotic romance novels have had you fantasizing about certain naughty pleasures, or if you just want to add a little spice to your sexy love sessions, this kinky how-to will bring your fantasies to life.

Explore the pleasure of a little pain, flex muscles you didn’t know you had through hot sex positions, and learn how to make or break the rules in your playtime romp. With a light, playful tone, this book eases you into the stinging sweet side of sex.

Each section features excerpts from the Kama Sutra or classic erotica, extra tips like Dirty Talk Do’s and Don’ts and offers further resources to continue your naughty education.  Gather your ben-wa balls and feather ticklers while this handbook gives you the rundown on all the hot moves you have been wanting to try, from beginner bondage techniques and starter spanking to hot wax and flogging, no dungeon required!

Here’s a very In-Depth Review which was just posted by a User about the New Cellmate Remote Controlled – App Controlled Chastity Device

Cell Mate

Key learnings of the Cellmate Chastity System, January 01, 2020

The wearer of the device must have a Smartphone, a Stable Internet connection, the Cellmate, the QIUI App for interface and handshake over internet to the device allowing Control of the device.  The Controller/Partner of the wearer must have a smartphone, the QIUI App to establish Control of the device at a minimum.

pet has worn this device for several days during a break in period allowed to pet for any new device.  pet has discovered that the device appearance although slightly bulky is in fact well designed and quite unobtrusive in it’s appearance when worn under one’s normal daily attire, (Exceptions: for lingerie and panties of course and when going commando at a nudist colony or retreat).

The Cellmate has been found to wear very comfortably and may soon be worn by pet 24/7/365, another caveat here, the Cellmate Manufacturer recommends no more than 14 days maximum wear time between removal for Cleanings, (typical anti litigation language).  pet finds the design may allow more extended time if proper cleaning and bathing technique is followed (but, does not recommend others exceed the Manufacturers Cleaning limits stated previously).

The Cellmateis made up of two separate assemblies and only two. No locking mechanism is obvious on the Cellmate and there is no Key-way opening for a key insert, anywhere on the Cellmate either.  The Base Ring is an enamel coated metallic ergonomic ring with the alignment pin receptacles located 90 degrees toward the underside of the base ring to marry up to the Cellmate Chastity tube alignment pins and tab.  The locking pin resides in the right side of the base ring and slides through the Cellmate tab when the tube is engaged to the ring with very light pressure applied to the pin.  The Cellmate tube itself appears to be a Nylon, Teflon, Delron type material, inert and very smooth to the touch as well as Hard. Both the base ring and chastity tube appear to be made to a good quality standard.  The entire Cellmate system is Claimed as Waterproof to certain limitations of course. More water resistant in pet’s opinion, than water proof.

The Power source for engaging and securing the locking pin on the Cellmate is a NiCad Battery concealed under the top inside of the Chastity tube, access by two machine screws recessed into the battery containment compartment.  Also the Bluetooth components for Pairing and the electromagnetic actuator for securing the locking pin are located adjacent and on top of the Chastity tube as well giving the appearance of the additional bulk of the Cellmate.  On the Dorsal side mid way of the tube length you will also note the On/Off/ Bluetooth activation Power button in a sealed compartment as well.

The QIUI App itself that the Cellmate  uses as Operating platform tends to not be very user friendly at first glance.  It may have been released during manufacturing process in an earlier version and should be checked for updates before placed in use with the Cellmate.  Will save a lot of frustration by doing so.  There is limited Customer Support at this writing for the QIUI App so it may not be a good thing for a beginning user partnership more for the intermediate to advanced partnership in this lifestyle.

Once the QIUI App is installed on both phones (wearer and Controller) the Cellmate itself may be manually entered or even scanned into the QIUI App for registration and further connection to the system servers.  Who these servers are and where they are pet has no clue but can guess.  Please note that only the wearer of the Cellmate need register the Cellmate on the QIUI App.  Once registered the wearer then searches for their Controller by the App Add Friends menu selection  Add Friends works in mysterious ways it appears, by username, and or user ID Number or by email address the wearer or Controller registered under.  Once a friend/Controller has been located simply highlight the name and add as a friend.  If the Controller seeks out the wearer and sends the information to the wearer as a friend invite, to Accept the Controller Invite Hint Hint, use the PASS button to Accept the invite.

Also it is possible to have multiple Dominant Friends as a wearer.  However there may be only one Controller at a time for a wearer. Other friends are not able to Control or even see the Cellmate status on the wearer unless they are transferred the rights to do so. The Transfer is a good thing to have though in case of Emergency.  Use this feature judiciously you do not want to hurt feelings do you?

Stay safe and be good to one another,


Get Her the World Famous ThunderStick Today, and save 31% on this High Quality Wand

Thunderstick Premium Ultra Powerful Silicone Wand  


The World Famous Thunderstick  just got a major makeover!  This ultra powered massage wand is now rechargeable, with a sleek silicone exterior that will feel silky smooth against your skin.  Get a comfortable grip on the ergonomically contoured handle, designed to minimize reverberation in your hand and arm.

Meanwhile, you will be able to play with 4 intense speeds and 7 pulsating patterns of vibration from the round head.  You can even take the all new, waterproof Thunderstick into the shower or bath for steamy and relaxing pleasure.

You deserve the best, and this super-charged power wand delivers!  The premium silicone material is non-porous and phthalate free.  Preserve this material by avoiding use with silicone lubricants and cleaning after use with a mild soap or toy cleaner.

Measurements 9.2 inches in overall length, 2 inches in diameter at the head. Material Silicone. Color Black. Note charges via USB.