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“His Fetish Desires: A Tale Of Female Domination” by Mistress Benay  


Becky Stewart has been married to her husband John for only five years, and already he has lost interest in initiating sex with her, and she can’t figure out what is causing the problem.

Becky is a drop dead gorgeous woman with long beautiful legs and a body that turns men’s heads wherever she goes.  When Becky can’t take the neglect from her husband any longer, she confides in her best friend, and her friend Shirley suggests that Becky hires a private detective to follow John, and find out if he is cheating on Becky.
What the detective discovers turns Becky’s world upside down, and she is suddenly indoctrinated into the world of BDSM and the Fetish Desires of her inattentive husband.
With the help and guidance of Shirley, Becky quickly takes control of her marriage and gives her neglectful husband more than he ever bargained for in his Fetish Fantasies.
As usual, Mistress Benay did a masterful job, and delivered a Sensuous Tale of Female Domination which will keep you aroused and turning pages as fast as you can to see how Becky uses her husband’s fetishes to her advantage, as she creates a Female Led Relationship where She is the one in Control, and her total satisfaction and pleasure is the only thing which matters.
Readers – Make sure that you are comfortable with Topics which include BDSM, Male Chastity, Female Domination, and Bondage and Discipline before venturing into this very sexy and descriptive Novel  


5.0 out of 5 Stars … Great Read .. could not put it down

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Great read, could not put it down.  Finished it in less than a day.  The only thing that bummed me out was that it had to end.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Yet Another Great Story by Mistress Benay

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Wow … 229 Pages of Sultry BDSM Stories!

“From Top to Bottom: Lesbian Stories of Dominance and Submission” by Harper Bliss  

Top to Bottom

Brace yourself, because there will be pain–but of the oh, so pleasurable kind.

There will be begging and there will be bruises, but all leading to an obliterating climax.

The fifteen lesbian stories of dominance and submission contained within the pages of From Top To Bottom will make you flinch like the characters do, will make you squirm and want to turn the pages faster and faster.

You will find first-time players and long-term couples.  A plethora of paddles and the occasional flogger–and a great number of sore backsides. Be warned.

With stories from experienced writers at the top of their game and thrilling new talents alike, all of them exploring power dynamics from top to bottom, this collection is kinky, daring and, at times, deliciously violent.  Read at your own risk.


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

“Whips and Chains Excite You?  Then this is the Anthology for You.  Satisfaction withheld and then delivered.  A Plus!”

5.0 Out of 5 Stars

New Full Length FemDom/Cuckold Novel by Patricia Malory

“The Morning Light: An Extreme Cuckold Femdom Tale” by Patricia Malory  

Morning Light


Timothy Bracken, founder and CEO of TRB Inc, has surrendered unconditionally to his magnificent wife, June. The stresses of managing his firm, a successful California defense contractor, have gotten to him. So screw it, he will give all the business crap to his wife and devote himself to fulfilling a lifelong yearning: to be the kinky, cuckolded, domestic slave of a sexy, beautiful, dominant woman – but one who loves him and doesn’t charge him by the hour. In this plan, she will run the business while he lounges around at home, stoned, and rearranges her lingerie drawers.

Nope. No way! June has plans of her own, big plans. And these plans will require that her husband’s considerable skills be yoked to her ambitions. If he is going to be her slave, he is going to serve her interests, not his. And her interests somehow involve close cooperation with some rather shady Chinese entrepreneurs and computer hackers.

When lurid BDSM photographs of June and Timmy are discovered on a Chinese Intelligence computer, the Bureau of Cyber Security back in Washington suddenly becomes very interested in TRB – especially after it is revealed that the Chinese have somehow acquired copies of TRB’s highly classified code.

But things in Washington have changed. A new cadre of strong female political leaders has taken over. They have introduced new policies. Among them is a new program, GRASP. Its goal is to produce the best trained psycho-bitch female field officers possible; women who are not only skilled in computers, weapons, and trade craft, but also in the art of using their sexuality to manipulate, control, and exploit vulnerable males.

So it was decided that the top GRASP graduate, Gladys, would be the best choice to get out to Santa Barbara to find out what June and the Chinese were up to. While the two women have vastly different outlooks, they both prove quite inventive in discovering sexy, enjoyable ways to cuckold, abuse and exploit the men they acquire.


This FemDom Tell All keeps getting Five Star Reviews!

“The Scarlett Letters: My Secret Year of Men in an L.A. Dungeon” by Jenny Nordbak  


Jenny Nordbak takes us to a place that few have seen, but millions have fantasized about, revealing how she transformed herself from a USC grad lacking in confidence into an elite professional dominatrix who finds her own voice, power and compassion for others.

On an unorthodox quest to understand her hidden fantasies, Jenny led a double life for two years.  By day she was a construction manager, but at night she became Mistress Scarlett.

Working at LA’s longest-running dungeon, she catered to the secret fetishes of clients ranging from accountants to movie stars.  She simultaneously developed a career in the complex and male-dominated world of healthcare construction, while spending her nights as a sex worker, dominating men.

Far from the standard-issue powerful men who pay to be helpless, Mistress Scarlett’s clientele included men whose fantasies revealed more complex needs, from “Tickle Ed” to “Doggie Dan,” from the “Treasure Trolls” to “Ta-Da Ted.”

The Scarlett Letters explores the spectacularly diverse array of human sexuality and the fascinating cast of characters that the author encountered along the way.


5.0 Out of 5 Stars

Verified Purchase

264 Pages of Non-Stop Female Domination by Tina X

“Making Him Beg Collection: Erotic Tales of Female Domination and Control” by Tina X

Making HIm Beg

Tina X has the knowledge and the skills to make any man forget his own mother and beg to do her will.

Follow this female dominant as she unleashes her talents on not one, but many unsuspecting males.

Features a collection of tales that are sure to get the heart rate pumping.

– BackPage Meet
– Secret Agent Man
– Educating Lena
– Turned Against My Will
– Bi*ch at the Grocery Store
– Adult Baby Diaper
– A Slave to His Desires
– Nosy Neighbor, Private Affairs
– Rise of the Dominant

WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of female sensual dominance and male submission. The material is highly erotic and intended only for adult audiences 18+.