“You Are Her Slave 4: An Extreme FemDom Bundle”by Alex Kilroy  

You Are

Enjoy some of my best short stories compiled into an Epic FemDom bundle .. all featuring extremely dominant women, bending men to their will in a variety of depraved, deranged, inhuman ways.

Titles include;

1) Daniels Dreadful Day Part 2

2) ‘She Deserves More.. And I Want To Watch’
3) Your Meals Come From My Ass!
4) ‘I Want To Swallow Some Too’
5) ‘I Didn’t Know She Was A He Part 3’

6) ‘Swallow My Turds, Nerd! Part 3’
7) ‘My Wife And Her Boyfriend Made Me Transgender’

Genre’s included are; Ball Busting, Toilet Slavery (Scat), Cuckoldry, Sissification, Foot Worship & Much More..

If you don’t orgasm multiple times reading this… I honestly don’t know what to say. I had a diamond-hard boner writing these stories, so if you share my perverse desires I know you will too 😉

“A Photographic Tribute To Mistress Benay: A Pictorial Look At The Life Of A Preeminent Dominatrix” by Her Loving Husband Slave Troy will be FREE on Amazon from 2/15 through 2/19

“A Photographic Tribute To Mistress Benay: A Pictorial Look At The Life Of A Preeminent Dominatrix”by Her Loving Husband Slave Troy will be FREE on Amazon from February 15th through February 19th


Photo Tribute_1


In 2018 the World lost one of the most Renowned and Loved Mistresses, who was also a Top Selling Author of Novels dealing with Female Domination, Female Led Relationships, and Male Chastity.

To the World, Mistress Benay may have just been one person.  But to Her Loving Husband/Slave Troy, who mourns the loss of his Sweetheart every minute of every day, Mistress Benay was the World!

Now as a Lasting Memorial to his Dear Wife, and as a Special Gift to the thousands of Readers who enjoyed Mistress Benay’s Books over the years, and to the Tens of Thousands of people who followed Mistress Benay on Twitter and Facebook, slave Troy has compiled into this Beautiful Book a selection of over 50 Full Size Color Photos, many never seen before of a truly Outstanding Mistress and Author.

Readers who are fortunate enough to get a copy of this Captivating Book will be treated to a Pictorial Journey of Mistress Benay’s Life which will include not only Color Photos of the Mistress which were taken at her Colorado Bed & Dungeon, but also behind the scene Images showing the Mistress at work and at play with her slave/husband.

Anyone who was lucky enough to have had a Session with Mistress Benay in her Colorado Dungeon, and the Countless Readers who have bought and loved her Fiction and Non-Fiction Novels will definitely want to add this Beautiful Photographic Keepsake to their Library.


5.0 out of 5 Stars
A wonderful book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Verified Purchase

Five out of Five Stars for this Beautiful Stainless Steel Chastity Cage!

TERNENCE Stainless Steel Male Chastity Device … Comfortable and Pretty Much Inescapable!

Chastity Terrence

  • Material: high-quality 304 stainless steel, never rust, not plating and hypoallergenic.
  • Comfort: Hand-buffing the Surface is very Smooth, it will not Damage your Skin.
  • Ring size: 3 different ring sizes available (1.57 ” / 1.77” / 1.97”) choose the suitable inner diameter.
  • Internal Locking System with two keys
  • Easy to clean: Easy cleaning with body wash
  • Protect Privacy: Opaque Package and will hide any markings or details about what is inside package.


During the Female Led Relationship which I shared with my Dear Wife Mistress Benay, my wife and I spent thousands of dollars on male chastity cages.

We paid over $400 for custom made stainless steel chastity devices.

Now – the rude awaking.  This chastity cage made out of real stainless steel is top quality, polished and totally smooth, inescapable with the right size ring (the gap is too small to allow a pull out), has a flawless internal locking system, and sells at an unbelievably low price.
Unbelievably Comfortable to wear. Absolutely prevents any erection, and keeps you frustrated like a good chastity cage is supposed to do.

I can’t believe that we spent so much money over the years trying to find the perfect cage, and Amazon had it all the time. You won’t regret buying this cage!

The Next Day Shipping from Amazon was an added Bonus!

If you’re serious about male chastity, then you need to get Locked Up right away in this Chastity Cage!


New FemDom/Sissification Release by Riley Anderson

“FemDom: Making Him into My Sissy Slave, Erotica Sex Stories, BDSM Forced Feminization and Sissification” by Riley Anderson


Are you ready to dominated, enslaved and humiliated?

Do you want rough se*, be forced to cross dress and turned into a woman’s plaything?

Is torture and punishment what you want, or pegged and strapped until you are begging for release?

Enter a world of female domination over men, that turns even the most masculine into a quivering, submissive wreck that is ready to please and satisfy his mistress, no matter what she desires.

In this 3-book bundle of some of the most electrifying BDSM, rough, submissive and humiliating sex, you will be stunned, shocked and ultimately be left begging for even more.

Femdom, Parts 1 – 3 isn’t just about men being totally submissive to a woman in control, it’s about enjoying that experience and wishing it was you who was the subject of her domination.

With more than 30 short stories, each containing graphic depictions of the sort of se*ual encounters that we usually only dream of, this is a book bundle that will keep you entertained and aroused for hours on end.

And ultimately, you’ll be looking forward to the next time you dip inside this wanton, shameless world of sexual encounters where the women are most definitely in charge.





New FemDom/Chastity Release by Anna Devereux

“The Loving Wife: Femdom Chastity Humiliation” by Anna Devereux  

Loving Wife

Chastity is just a game, isn’t it?

David thinks so, but his beautiful wife Natasha seems to have other ideas.

David soon finds himself desperate to please his increasingly demanding wife in any way she wishes.

But it seems this isn’t enough.

The gorgeous Natasha and her attractive friend, Mimi, ask more and more of him, reveling in his humiliation.
What will they ask of the sexually frustrated David next?

How far will they decide to push him?

And will he really do anything they wish?

Find out in, The Loving Wife