New FemDom/Chastity/Cuckolding Release by KinkyWriter

“Cuckold at Sea”by KinkyWriter  


It was always one of Dan’s deepest fantasies to be cuckolded by his wife.

Every now and then, Kristen would indulge him with a little role playing like teasing him about hooking up with an ex while he was at work or even buying a toy and moaning out another man’s name while she made him kneel at the side of the bed and watch!

But it wasn’t until the Caribbean cruise that the married couple took together when Dan and Kristen both found themselves embracing cuckolding more than they ever could’ve imagined in a day at sea that started with a playful fantasy and ended up transforming their marriage with a whirlwind of male chastity, and overwhelming tease and denial, and excruciating sexual humiliation all culminating with Kristen’s acceptance of the dominant vixen who she learns wanted her husband’s cuckolding fantasy to come true just as much as he did.

Rules for Serving as Kristen’s Cuckold

#1 – In order to show respect for his wife’s sexual superiority, the cuckold will only refer to her by her maiden name. For example, “Thank you for cuckolding me, Miss Davis…”

#2 – The cuckold agrees that due to his sexual inadequacy, his wife has the express authority to keep him locked in chastity and denied any sexual pleasure for as long as she chooses to seek her own pleasure in the arms of other men.

#3 – Placing his wife’s sexual pleasure above his own, the cuckold submits that his wife is both permitted and encouraged to explore her sexuality by spending time with other men whom she finds attractive, including but not limited to publicly flirting, kissing, and intimate touches; romantic caresses, teasing, and dancing; giving and receiving oral sex; and enjoying full sexual intercourse, with or without the use of condoms, at her sole discretion.

#4 – The cuckold will remain silent unless spoken to, particularly in the event that the wife is approached by another man whom she is interested in. Under no circumstance is the cuckold to interrupt or interfere with witnessing his wife flirting with another man, no matter how excruciating or humiliating it may be.

#5 – The cuckold should always remember how lucky he is to be indentured to his beautiful, dominant wife. He is lucky to worship at her feet, he is lucky to wear her cage around his pathetic dicklet, and he’s lucky that she entertains his fantasies about her being sexually satisfied by bigger and better men than he could ever be…

The cuckold may accept these rules, along with any anguish and jealousy and arousal that will accompany them, by kneeling at his wife’s feet and repeating the cuckold’s mantra until she grants him permission to kiss them.

“You deserve a real man who can satisfy you while your husband’s pathetic dicklet remains locked away in chastity.”

“Please allow me to worship at your feet while you walk this ship in search of a superior lover.”

“Thank you, Miss Davis, for the honor of making me your cuckold.”

A Corset which the Lady in your Life will Absolutely Love!

Shaper Corset Real Leather Overbust Strap Boning Corset Waist Bustier  

Corset Corset2

  • 100% Leather
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Dry clean only
  • Made of goat leather, fully lined with 100% cotton.
  • The corset has 14 steel bones to help you achieve that hour glass figure
  • Bi-directional back lacing cinches inches off the waistline.
  • 3 inches wide back panel (lacing guard)
  • Detachable garters included.


One of Many Five Star Reviews for this Great Corset:

5.0 Out of 5 Stars … This Corset is Amazing! It fits just Right

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334 Page FemDom Anthology by Michelle Means

“Boys Obey” by Michelle Means  

Boys Obey

Warning: This is an erotic anthology meant for adults only. It contains explicit, sexual content.

For most people, the idea of female supremacy is little more than a thought experiment, something you might find in comic books or movies. But there are women who understand what kind of power they can wield.

Lots of men realize just how vulnerable they are. Often, they morph into sexists because they’re scared. These men—boys, really—think they should be able to control the world around them because they’re terrified that women would do a better job. They should be scared.

Here are three stories about women who have seized control. Whether they use trickery, chastity, or some other means of controlling the men in their lives, women here have taken complete control. This might be a private affair. It might take place in a hospital. Or maybe an entire city has been turned over to female control.

One way or another, the boys in these stories will learn to yield and surrender. One way or another, they will obey.

This anthology features female domination and supremacy, bondage, medical play, humiliation, and male orgasm denial. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.




Praise for Alex Jordaine titles:
“Top quality Femdom erotic fiction.”
“Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.” Forum Magazine
“Incredibly erotic.” Siren Book Reviews
“Brilliantly written.” Midnight Boudoir
“Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.” Romance Reviews Today

Welcome to a world where pain is pleasure, submission is release…and sometimes losing means you win.

Robert has lost his way in every sense. Then he stumbles by chance into the deviant domain of stunning lifestyle dominatrix Karen. The sadistic domme releases strong masochistic desires in him he’s previously deeply repressed. Although the dark delights of BDSM are completely new to Robert he responds to them with overwhelming enthusiasm, glorying in his degradation and the searing marks of the regular chastisement he receives from Karen.

Robert is hell-bent on joining the tight-knit little “family” of hard-core S&M players the formidable dominatrix heads. But she makes it extremely difficult for him to achieve his goal. The harder Karen makes things for Robert the more determined he becomes to win through. But sometimes winning is really losing. Whether he learns that lesson before it’s too late becomes a tense and thrilling race against time.

“FemDom Slave – First Time Female Domination(Volume 1) Paperback by Scarlett Steele 

“FemDom Slave – First Time Female Domination(Volume 1) Paperback by Scarlett Steele  

FemDom Slave

The two sadistic Dommes caught their innocent neighbor naively peeking into their underground dungeon. It was time to teach him an unforgettable lesson in FemDom……

Jack suspected it something unusual when two drop dead gorgeous bombshells moved in next door.

Occupying the ground floor, he had spotted the stunning blonde and the busty brunette bound in skin tight outfits unpacking on moving day.

But it was the late night screams and moans pumping from within their basement which drove him to explore further.

His jaw dropped as he peered through the basement window, witnessing the once-innocent looking babes wrapped snugly in skin tight leather outfits snapping their whips against the center of a table, towering above a lone male bent over for their punishment.

The scene of control and domination unfolding before him intrigued him and he returned for more the following night.

But his curiosity trapped him.

The Dommes saw him coming, prepping their whips, chains, ball gag, humbler and their straps……..

…….the deadly vixens cruelly reeled Jack into a night of unfiltered and unparalleled pleasure and pain at the dangerous hands of Sadistic Sarah and Vicious Veronica.