Securely Lock Up The Keys to that Chastity Device

Women, are you looking for a safe and secure place to put the Keys to your partner’s Chastity Device.  A place where he absolutely can not get his hands on them and release himself from the Chastity Tube?

Well, take a look at this beautiful little device.  It works like a Gem.  Yes, we actually have used it in our own home, and there was no way that I was ever able to get to the Keys.  Once the timer on the Mini Safe is set, there is NO way to open the container until the set time expires.  Once a lock time is set, there is no way to Over-Ride it.

BUT – Women, you will love this little feature – You can ADD TIME if your partner displeases you or falls short of your expectations.  If you want to add two more days to his “Lock UP”, it’s as simple as pushing down on the wheel and adding the desired time.


Lock Box

Kitchen Safe Mini: Time Locking Container – Guaranteed to Stop him from getting to the Keys and Unlocking himself from that Chastity Device

The Kitchen Mini Safe was developed by graduate students of MIT.

It’s totally effective and easy to use!
1) Once he is locked into his Chastity Device – Place ALL of the Keys into the Safe
2) Rotate Dial to Set Timer – 12 hours?  3 Days?  A Week?  You Decide!
3) Press down on Dial to Activate Lock and Lid will be Securely Locked to Container

  • Once the Mini Safe is locked, it will remain locked until the countdown reaches zero.  Absolutely no way to get the keys out of the Safe unless you take a sledge hammer and destroy it!
  • While there is no way to get into the Safe before the Timer counts down to Zero, it only takes a minute for the Key Holder to ADD additional time to the “Lock Up” Period if She is displeased for any reason.

If you are involved in a Female Led Relationship or you are utilizing Enforced Chastity, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Mini Safe on Amazon today!

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