What is it really like being “Locked Up” in a Chastity Tube Every Day? (Part 1)


From the messages which I receive, I know that many men have a fantasy which involves their wife or partner locking them up into a Chastity Tube, holding the Keys to the Lock, and depriving them of Orgasms for an extended period of time.

The most common question which I receive is “What is it really like being Locked Up in a Chastity Tube for days or months, without having the opportunity to either masturbate or receive an Orgasm by having sex with your partner?”

I’ll try to answer that question for you from my perspective, which is based on years of experience living as a male locked up in a Chastity Tube by my Mistress/Wife.

Seventeen years ago, my dear wife gave me an ultimatum while we were dating.  She told me that she sincerely wanted to continue dating me, but that if I wanted to continue seeing her, I would have to agree to being “Locked Up” in a Chastity Tube.  She had come to that decision because she had been too often betrayed by her previous partners who had cheated on her with other women.

At that time, I was already head over heels, totally infatuated by Benay, and while I wasn’t very keen on the idea of having my manhood locked up in a Chastity Tube, I agreed to allow her to lock the chastity tube around my cock and hold the key because I had no desire to see any other woman, and hoped that by my act of submission to her. Benay would totally understand how attracted to her I was, and how much I wanted to be with her, and her only.

Once my cock was locked up in the Chastity Tube, I immediately realized the magnitude of the decision which I had made.  I had grown accustomed to masturbating at least twice a week, and now because of the chastity tube, that was not possible.  It didn’t take long at all before I felt myself getting very horny without the possibility of giving myself a release, like I had become accustomed to doing.

You also have to understand that I was dating a tremendously sexy woman who loved to wear enticing outfits and tease me non-stop, so every time that I was in her presence, I found myself sexually aroused, and my cock was continually punished as it attempted to get hard while restrained in the chastity tube.

It didn’t take long at all, before I found myself slipping deeper and deeper into servitude to my beautiful wife, always holding onto the hope that if I met all of her expectations, and pleased her totally, she might allow me a release from the chastity tube, and a much needed orgasm.

My wife fully understood the power that she had by holding the key to the padlock on my chastity tube, and I guess it is fair to say that she exploited that power every day while we dated, and then after we were subsequently married.

Back then, we didn’t put a name on the power which my wife possessed, but by today’s standards, it would be called a Female Led Marriage.  I did anything and everything which my wife wanted.  Whenever I chose to argue or question her about any matter, she immediately added “more days or weeks” to the time that I would be locked up in my chastity tube without an orgasm.

Being kept locked up in a chastity tube is a real dichotomy.  On one hand, there is nothing that you want more than to have your Mistress unlock the chastity tube, and allow you to have a release.

On the other hand however, once you are allowed to come and have a release, no matter how wonderful the orgasm may be, you immediately feel a sense of emptiness until your Mistress puts you back into the chastity tube, clicks that lock shut, and puts the keys securely away so that you have no option other than to abide by all of her requests and desires, if you want to have any hope of achieving your next orgasm!

… More to Come … (no pun intended) 






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