What is it really like being “Locked Up” in a Chastity Tube Every Day? (Part 2)


Over the last ten years, the sale of male chastity devices has skyrocketed, and there is now an enormous selection of different stainless steel, plastic, resin, and silicone chastity tubes available on the market.

When we honestly evaluate what has contributed to the tremendous increase in the sale of chastity devices, we see that the major portion of devices sold were bought by males.

In many cases, the males who purchased the devices had done so with the hope that once they showed it to their partner or wife, she would find the idea of Male Chastity exciting, and be willing to lock up the purchaser’s cock into the device and hold the key.  In some cases, their partner liked the idea and realized the benefits which she would reap by enforcing Male Chastity in their relationship. 

Unfortunately, in other cases, their partner was turned off to the idea, so the purchaser had to look for other avenues where he could experience being locked up in a chastity device, and finding a Key Holder to make his fantasy come true.

In many cases however, the purchasers of these devices did not have a partner, and have bought a chastity tube so that they themselves could “Experiment” with Male Chastity or fulfill their fantasies of having their cock locked up.  When this happens however, the purchaser does not really get to experience what true enforced Male Chastity entails.

I say that because, the men who play around with male chastity have not relinquished control of the keys to a Key Holder, thus they can unlock themselves as soon as the device starts to feel a little bit uncomfortable.  Or they can unlock the device, and masturbate whenever they desire to have a release.

Having been involved in a Female Led Relationship and subsequently a Female Led Marriage for over 17 years, I never had the luxury of being able to release myself from the chastity tube when things got tough or I desperately needed an orgasm.

Men, there is a world of difference between fantasy and reality.  If you truly do surrender to your partner or wife, and she is resolute in holding the keys and depriving you of orgasms for her benefit, you will quickly understand what I am saying.

When you are first locked in that Chastity Device, you have to deal with getting used to it, and actually being uncomfortable sometimes.  This is especially true if you have a job like I did, where I had to do a lot of driving.  I don’t care which device you are locked into (My Mistress locked me into 10 different devices during our marriage), because they all are uncomfortable during long drives.  I learned that by placing a plush pillow on my car seat, it made things somewhat easier during those long drives.

Then there is the “Night Time Erection” problem which you have to deal with.  I spent many sleepless nights dealing with the pain when my cock started to get erect, and the ring pulled against my balls.  I can not even tell you how many trips I made to the bathroom so that I could sit on the toilet, pee, and relieve the pressure in the chastity tube.

Yes, I did say “sit on the toilet to pee”.  Of all the chastity devices which my Mistress locked me into, I was never able to stand at a urinal or stand over a toilet and pee without making a mess.  Thus I resigned myself to sitting on the toilet whenever I had to urinate.  My dear wife actually liked the fact that I had to relieve myself in the same manner as which she did.  She correctly realized that it added further to my submissive nature.

I will give you one major piece of advice as to how to avoid having the Night Time Erection problem.  After about 14 years of dealing with it with every device I wore, my dear wife ordered a Mature Metal Jail Bird Chastity Tube for me.  She strictly followed their guidelines and made sure that the interior length of the cage was short enough so that my cock pushed up against the end of the cage.

There was absolutely no, and I men no room for my cock to get erect.  While her reasoning for doing that was to deprive me of erections, it actually made my night times much better.  No erections meant no more pulling on the ring, and I slept much better.  It also helped me when I came across a sexy situation, like a secretary at work in short skirt and high heels.  Since I couldn’t get an erection, I experienced less pain.  It didn’t stop me from getting horny, but you can’t have everything.

If you are in a true Female Led Relationship, then you know that the primary goal of your partner or wife is to keep you horny, and she will dress in a manner, and do things which make you even hornier.  All of which keeps you submissive, and keeps you attentive to all of her wants and needs, as you wait for that elusive orgasm!


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