Featured Book of The Week

Kinky Neighborhood

The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control

When Ann and Joe Walker leave Toms River, New Jersey and buy a home in Pueblo, Colorado, neither of them have any idea that their lives are going to change forever, because of the neighborhood that they have decided to move into.
This is a neighborhood where the Women are always in control, and the men are strictly subservient. Here the men are not only at the Beck and Call of their Wives, but all males in this neighborhood are also forced to wear Male Chastity Tubes 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week, so that they will focus at all times on Serving and Pleasuring their Wives.
Mistress Benay tells the story of this Kinky Neighborhood in the wonderful style of writing which her loyal readers have become used to. You are sure to be entertained, aroused, and maybe even frightened a little bit, because this can happen in your neighborhood also!

After you have enjoyed this Sensuous Novel, you can then read Part II of the Series:

The Kinky Neighborhood – Part II: Another Domme Joins The FemDom Club 

Kinky Neighborhood_Part II

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