A New Interesting and Effective Male Chastity Cage


This is a very effective new Resin Male Chastity Tube being sold by “Lock The Cock”.

You can visit their website HERE

This model is called “Good Things (Don’t) Cum in Small Packages.

Very Affordable at only $40, but very effective.  It comes with four size rings, and I can tell you from my personal testing that with the small ring (1.49″) there is no way out of it.  It also comes with a PA hook, if desired, as well as rings sized 1.69″, 1.89″ and 2.04″.  The integrated lock with two keys is nice – no padlock banging around.

The design is great as far a hygiene is concerned.  Everything gets washed in the shower just like wearing an open metal chastity device.

Very comfortable to wear – nice workmanship, but it’s not possible to get an erection if you are an average size male.

The only negative about the company is that they are very slow in shipping and delivering it to you.  Other than that, you can’t go wrong with this chastity tube.



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