Ladies – Amazon now selling a Genuine Leather Steel Boned Corset at a Great Price

Real Cowhide Leather Black Overbust Authentic Full Steel Boned Corset


The cowhide leather overbust corset is a wardrobe essential and it looks as fabulous on all body shapes. It is available now at special price while stocks last. The leather cloth makes this one great way to get the hourglass figure.

BONING – 12″ Steel busk front closure, 14 steel bones (4 flat steel and 10 spiral steel). All the steel used is high density European steel.

SIZING – Please see the size chart in images for detailed sizing instructions. Do not use the Amazon size guide.

MEASUREMENTS – 14″ Back length & 15″ length from the top of the bust to the hem.

100% cotton lined
Lace up back with modesty panel
6 Suspender loops
4 Halter/Shoulder strap loops
Crafted by a skilled corsetiere

AVOID COUNTERFEITS – Playgirl is a registered trademark.
Amazon genuine playgirl items are ONLY sold by True Corset.

RETURNS – We offer no-nonsense refunds or exchanges up to 30 days from purchase.

IMAGES – These image have been taken on this corset. We do not use images of other companies.

This genuine Steel Boned Corset can be tested by putting a magnet over the bones.

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