If you received a Kindle or E-Book Reader for Christmas, then you will want to download this Awesome FREE E-Book from Amazon

“At Her Beck And Call – The Whole Story: Female Domination Boxed Set” will be FREE on Amazon from 12/28/18 thru 1/1/19

AHBAC_The Complete Story

Since Mistress Benay released her first novel in 2013, readers have made her one of the hottest Female Domination writers in the country today. One of the most frequent requests received from her readers has been for her to put both “At Her Beck and Call” Novels together in one boxed set and into one exciting novel. Ask and You shall Receive! Now, here in “At Her Beck and Call – The Whole Story”, Mistress Benay delivers what readers have been asking for!

The Mistress takes you from the very beginning when She met her slave/husband Troy on the Internet and molded him into her adoring slave right up to the time that She opened her BDSM Bed and Breakfast Inn in Colorado. You’ll be treated to one detailed and exciting chapter after another, as Mistress Benay describes the Double Domination Sessions which She conducted with Mistress Ellen and Mistress Susan. She also spares no detail as She chronicles for you her Sessions along with Mistress Jill where they used two slaves for their entertainment and pleasure.

Mistress Benay brings us inside her Dungeon and shares with us the first time that She Cuckolded slave Troy, and also transformed a beautiful woman into her personal slave, while also taking her pleasure with the woman’s husband while both slave Troy and slave Maria watched while helplessly bound. Each Chapter of “At Her Beck And Call – The Whole Story” will keep you entranced and excited due to the sensual and wonderful way Mistress Benay presents Her story. Each Chapter also offers the bonus of actual pictures of Mistress Benay and her slave in action.
Readers do need to be warned that this Novel contains explicit BDSM Themes including Female Domination, male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Activity, Strap-On Sex, Trampling, Nipple Torture, and various depictions of Punishment and Discipline. It does provide, however, a real road map for women who are interested in learning how to make a Female Led Relationship a part of their life with their husband or partner, and also offers specific suggestions on implementing male Chastity into a Relationship.

Download your FREE Copy of this Incredibly Sensuous Novel on Amazon from 12/28/18 thru 1/1/19.

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