New Male Chastity Key Holder Service

A Premium Male Chastity Key Holder Service is now being Offered by Mistress Lust of “Locked in Lust”


From: $24.95 for 1 month

Premium Chastity Key Holder Service


Do you have a burning desire to be locked up in chastity but no one to play with and enforce it? Or maybe you crave being submissive to a Dominant Mistress to whom you could unveil all of your dirty fantasies to, so you could have the opportunity to live them out and have them used against you. If so then your wishes, dreams, and fantasies of being owned by a Mistress are now at your fingertips. With the premium chastity key holder service, you can be locked up and owned by our very own Mistress Lust. This key holding service will fuel and fulfill your wildest chastity desires.

How it Works

Start by choosing the duration you wish to be locked for Mistress Lust, then choose the number of interactions you would like to have with her on a weekly basis. After you have made your selection and completed the checkout you will receive an email from Mistress Lust herself to find out more about you, your kinks and your limits. Once you have responded, she will begin personalizing engaging activities and tasks for your interaction(s) to give you the best key holding experience possible. Once you have received the padlock, Mistress Lust requires you to film the unboxing and closing of the lock on your chastity device. You will send her the video and your interactions will begin soon after.

Important Note

The availability of this service is based on Mistress Lust’s availability. As a chastity key holder, Mistress Lust will try to accommodate your most preferred times. However, if none of your preferred times are available, you must be open to alternative time slots.

As your future key holder, Mistress Lust will ask you for your deepest, darkest fantasies and desires. The more information you provide her with, the more material she has to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The key holding duration you have selected will begin after you receive your padlock**. Your first interaction with Mistress Lust will only begin after she has received your locking video. Be sure to send your video as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any interactions.

Most importantly, always be respectful to Mistress Lust. She reserves the right to punish you as she sees fit, and to terminate any service for excessively unacceptable behavior. If you think how you are behaving is wrong, then it usually is and you shouldn’t be doing it. If you are unsure of anything ask Mistress Lust, she is firm but fair. This is about having fun and fulfilling your fantasies with a real key holder and Mistress, so be honest, be open, and most of all… enjoy!

 Start your Premium Key Holding Service with Mistress Lust Today


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