Another Five Star Novel by Key Barrett on Male Chastity and its effect on the Intimacy in Marriage

Locked-In Love: How two weeks in chastity can end the barter system, renew courtship and make a better husband by Key Barrett


Author Key Barrett started out writing a journal for chastity. He decided that he wanted to be locked up in chastity for seven days in order to better understand the motivation behind chastity and the emotional aspects so he could write about it with greater understanding in both his fiction and nonfiction. So he spoke with his wife and she agreed to let him go seven days in chastity with her holding the key, only unlocking him if he needed it for safety reasons, to make sure everything is working properly, or if she had sexual interest in freeing him.

What started as a simple one week journal quickly blossomed into something else entirely. By the third day he was feeling butterflies just when his wife touched his hand. By day four, she noticed he was much more engaged in their household and being an active and proactive partner. What started as a week for him quickly became two weeks for them both to journal.

Through chastity and communication, they identified a sexual trade-off that existed in their marriage, a ‘barter system’ wherein every action he engaged in had an undercurrent of sexual pressure, a literal tat-for-tit. Freed from it through a chastity device, they were able to enjoy each other on a more meaningful and trusting level. And in lowering the quantity of sex, they raised the quality.

This book takes what they learned, plus surveys and research derived from male chastity users, and shows couples how they too can end the barter system, increase communication and bring back the courtship phase, butterflies and all. Learn what you can do to improve your marriage, increase intimacy, feel more connected emotionally, and make her daily life easier with a simple, sexy, fun exercise in chastity.

December 26, 2018

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