Author Key Barrett had a Great Idea. Let’s Support our Fellow Americans!

Just a small way to show furloughed Americans who are not receiving a Pay Check that we Authors care about them by giving them a little treat.  FREE Books for the next five days on Amazon.  Thank Key Barrett for putting the Idea out there.

“The Kinky Neighborhood: FemDom Wives In Control” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 1/26/19 through 1/30/19

“Female Domination Sessions In My Dungeon: A Trilogy Of Slaves In Servitude” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 1/26 through 1/30/19

kinky neighborhood

When Ann and Joe Walker leave Toms River, New Jersey and buy a home in Pueblo, Colorado, neither of them have any idea that their lives are going to change forever, because of the neighborhood that they have decided to move into.
This is a neighborhood where the Women are always in control, and the men are strictly subservient. Here the men are not only at the Beck and Call of their Wives, but all males in this neighborhood are also forced to wear Male Chastity Tubes 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week, so that they will focus at all times on Serving and Pleasuring their Wives.
Mistress Benay tells the story of this Kinky Neighborhood in the wonderful style of writing which her loyal readers have become used to. You are sure to be entertained, aroused, and maybe even frightened a little bit, because this can happen in your neighborhood also!

trilogy of slaves

If you have read any of Mistress Benay’s Full Length Novels, then you probably already are in love with her sensuous writing style, and the way she spares no details when describing the Female Domination Sessions which take place in her Colorado Dungeon
Now for her reader’s continued enjoyment, Mistress Benay presents in one book, the in-depth details of three captivating Sessions which she conducted with clients, and she describes how each Session took a surprising turn which the slave client never expected once he was under the Mistress’s control.

In “Two Slaves Are Better Than One”, Mistress Benay describes in graphic detail a memorable evening when she had the pleasure of having both a female and male slave helpless and on their knees in her Dungeon, serving her in every possible way, and the additional bonus she received by having the the female slave’s Master participate in the Session.

In “The FemDom Nurse”, Mistress Benay recounts for us the Medical Scenario she did with a new client who came to serve her in her Dungeon. You will definitely be aroused by the spicy details of the unconventional medical tests which the Mistress performed on that client, and the treatment which she prescribed for him, which was something that he never expected when he booked his Session.

In “Kidnapped and Imprisoned”. another one of Mistress Benay’s clients gets the Kidnap Scenario he desired when he made arrangements for a Session. He also gets a lot more than he bargained for, once Mistress Benay takes him from a coffee shop hooded, handcuffed, and helpless, and then uses him for her entertainment, and his suffering in her Dungeon.

These three exciting Female Domination stories in one Book will keep you turning pages to see what Kinky surprise the Mistress has in store for the helpless slaves in her Dungeon.

Please be advised that each of these stories contain graphic details of Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Relationships, and BDSM activities including Bondage and Discipline.



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