Excerpt From “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!”

Here’s an Excerpt from:

“What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority” by Mistress Vanessa

 What Mistress Wants

Then I moved around in front of Robert and held the whip up to his face and said, “Slave, I told you that by the time that I was finished with you, you would never think about showing me any disrespect in the future, and I meant it!”

Before Robert could say a word, I reared back, and brought the tentacles of the whip down very hard across first his left nipple, and immediately followed that with a strike to his right nipple.

Robert let out a loud scream and I could see tears starting to run down his face, as he began begging for mercy.  Even though he was begging for mercy, I was quite aware that Robert never used his Safe Word, so I knew that I could proceed punishing him without worrying about his tolerance.

As I stood there listening to Robert begging for mercy, I smiled inwardly to myself because I was proud of myself that I had successfully demonstrated to Robert that he was totally helpless and dependent now on my mercy.

As I stepped back from whipping Robert, I also experienced a major revelation at that point when I realized that I was totally sexually excited, and that the thong covering my pussy was soaking wet.

I immediately thought about how aroused I had become those nights when I was perusing those fetish magazines, and I now realized that my sexual excitement looking at fetish magazines was nothing compared to the reality of being able to take control of a male, discipline him, make him beg, and exert my female superiority.

At that very moment as I stood there with the whip in my hand, and juices running down my leg under the leather jumpsuit, I knew that I would not have any problem at all being a Dominatrix because I really did enjoy what I had just done, and what I was about to do.  Yes, I enjoyed being in control and being able to dominate and discipline men.

As I turned and faced Joan, I saw that she had a big smile on her face, which indicated to me that she was obviously pleased with what she had just witnessed.  I asked her if she would be so kind as to lower the suspension device all the way down to the floor so that her slave could be put on his knees without me having to remove the shackles from his wrists.

As she lowered the suspension device, I ordered Robert down onto his knees in front of me, and said “Ok slave, since you didn’t worship my boots when you first met me, I’ll expect you now to clean every inch of them with your mouth and tongue!”

Robert didn’t hesitate at all.  He quickly brought his mouth down to my boots and began licking and kissing them feverishly.  He kept working his tongue up and down non-stop from the tip of each boot to the top of the boots right below my knees, and both boots began to glisten under the candlelight of the dungeon.

As Robert continued worshiping my boots, I noticed that his cock was sticking out hard and erect in front of him, and that a long string of pre-cum was hanging from the tip of his cock.  I turned to Joan and said “Mistress, it appears that your slave really enjoys being punished.  Look at his cock”.

Joan laughed, and said “Yes, he must have really enjoyed that whipping that you gave him.  I guess that he is just a little pain slut.  Maybe you can make him suffer even more after he finishes cleaning your boots”.

I smiled, and said “Oh, I am sure that I can give him a lot more pain and suffering!”

I then placed the tip of my right boot underneath the head of Robert’s cock so that all his pre-cum dripped onto the top of my boot.  Then I smacked him across his back with the whip and said “Look at the mess that you just made on my boot slave.  You better get all of that licked off right now or I’ll string you back up and whip you some more!”

Robert quickly began licking my boot, and it only took him a few seconds to lick up all his pre-cum and make my boot shine once again.

At that point, I winked at Joan, and said “If it is ok with you Mistress, I think that I would like to put your slave on that rack over there and give him a dose of some real pain and suffering”.

Joan smiled, and said “Oh, I don’t have a problem with that at all Mistress Vanessa.  You just go ahead and do whatever you would like to do with my slave.  Just let me know how I can assist you”.

As soon as Robert heard that, he looked up at Joan, and he began begging her not to allow me to put him onto the rack.  He was almost in tears, as he said “Please Mistress.  You know that I don’t like the rack at all.  Anything else that you want to do with me is fine, but please don’t let Mistress Vanessa torture me on the rack”.

Joan laughed, patted Robert’s head, and said “Slave first, you don’t have any say as to what Mistress Vanessa does or doesn’t do to you.  Secondly, the fact that you don’t like the rack, is even more reason to allow Mistress Vanessa to make you suffer on it!”

I smiled and said, “Thank you Mistress Joan for supporting my decision”.

Then I turned to Robert who was still on his knees, and said “Slave, since you just tried to usurp my authority, I’ll make sure that once you are bound down to that rack, you suffer even more than I had initially planned on making you suffer!”

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