Tribute to Mistress Ivey (Georgia Ivey Green)

There are somethings in Life which send a chill down your spine and actually scare you.  One of those things happened to me today when I found out that Mistress Ivey (Georgia Ivey Green), author of numerous Novels on Amazon about Female Led Relationships and Male Chastity passed away.

It is sad enough that the world lost another great FemDom Author, but what sent chills down my spine was the fact that Mistress Ivey Passed away on the Exact Same Day as my Dear Wife Mistress Benay.

Benay had corresponded privately with Ivey many times over the last few years, and Benay had reviewed most of Ivey’s Books on Amazon.  I can not even believe that the world lost two of the best FemDom Authors on the same day.

Here as a Tribute to Mistress Ivey, I present her Amazon Author’s Page and a few of her many successful Books which have been top sellers on Amazon:

Ivey Ivey2

Ivey3 Ivey4

Rest in Peace Ivey – Hopefully, you and Benay have had a chance to Hug each other up there!



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