Here’s a Legitimate Website where you can find a Chastity Key Holder in your area

Judging from the multitude of the posts which I see on Twitter and Fet-Life every day, most males out there with Chastity Devices are constantly in search of a Mistress who will take control of the Keys to that Chastity Device, and thereby take control of the male’s Orgasms.

Unless you are involved in a Female Led Relationship where you have a Partner/Mistress who controls the Keys, self-locking and then preventing yourself from having access to the Keys is an ongoing problem.  I am sure that many of you have read about the varied methods which males who self-lock use to put the keys out of their reach.  Time Lock Safes, Freezing the Keys in a Block of Ice, and using On-Line Locking Services are just a few of the different approaches which are used to make the Keys unavailable to the Self-Locked male.

Unfortunately, almost all of these methods seem to come up short.  Nothing can compare to having a real life Mistress who takes control of those Keys and enforces Real Life Chastity and Real Life Orgasm Denial upon the Locked Up male.  I previously checked out the On-Line Chastity Match Making Websites such as Chastity Mansion, and found them all to be very disappointing, and lacking in real Mistresses and Key Holders.

Now there is a Legitimate and Viable way for males who are searching for a Key Holder to finally achieve that goal of completely giving up access to those Keys to that Chastity Device.

Screenshot (66)

When I first checked out “Key Holder Finder”, I was skeptical that they really had any Dominant Women in my area who were interested in being Key Holders and Enforcing Chastity on willing males.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dominant Women and Mistresses from all over the world were registered as potential Key Holders on the website.  I used the Simple Search Feature and found over a hundred Key Holding Women within a 200 mile radius of my location.  You can be even more selective when using the website by using the Advanced Search feature and selecting parameters such as age, marital status, etc.

It doesn’t cost you a Penny to check out “Key Holder Finder”, so go ahead and give it a try.  You may finally hit Pay Dirt in your search for that Special Mistress and Key Holder.  Good Luck!




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