Excerpt from “Male Chastity – The ‘Key’ To A Successful Female Led Relationship”

Male Chastity – The “Key” To A Successful Female Led Relationship by Mistress Benay

Chastity_The Key

Let me make one thing clear from the beginning, I knew long before I met Troy that when I found the man who I wanted to groom to be my slave and eventually my husband, that I would lock him into a Chastity Tube.  Over the years, my female friends had related to me all the problems, experiences, and disappointments they had encountered with their husbands and partners.  I knew that I would not tolerate any of the situations which they lived with on a daily basis.  I also had done enough research to have convinced myself that enforced Male Chastity was the only way to go if I truly wanted a husband/slave who would put my wants and needs above his own desires at all times.

I had been dating Troy for a while and had already assumed quite a bit of control over him in our relationship when we planned a get-a-way to a secluded mountain cabin over a three day holiday weekend.  I felt the timing was perfect so I made the decision that I would lock him into a Chastity Device while we were up at the cabin.  As I packed the new “Birdlocked” Male Chastity Device which I had bought specifically for this occasion, I smiled to myself knowing that when we returned home after the weekend trip, I would hold the only key to the tube locked on Troy’s cock.

The trip went absolutely wonderful from my perspective.  We had a very romantic cabin in a beautiful setting.  Troy, who is a wonderful cook, made some awesome meals for me and waited on me hand and foot.  In addition to sightseeing and antique shopping, I also got to spend a lot of time either relaxing in the hot tub or lounging around reading.

When I came down to dinner on the second night, I wore a leather outfit, black stockings, and boots with stiletto heels that obviously kept Troy very aroused all during our meal.  He also noticed during dinner that I was wearing a gold key on a necklace, and asked me about it.  I told him that he would find out what the key was for before the night was over.

Later that evening, after I had Troy strip naked, I placed a leather hood with blindfold over his head, placed him on the bed on his back, and bound his wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.  I made sure that he was bound nice and tight so that he could not move at all, and then I proceeded to lather up his cock and balls with shaving cream, and shave him.  I removed all the hair from his pubic area and from between his legs.  While I was shaving him, Troy was asking me what I was doing, but obviously he was in no position to object.  When I was finished his cock, balls, and groin area were totally smooth and hair free, and ready to be locked up.

 I took the “Birdlocked” Chastity Device out of my suitcase and went to work slipping first one ball and then the other through the ring of the device.  Once both balls were completely through the ring, I then lubricated the tip of his cock and worked it through the ring also.  After I placed his cock into the sheath of the “Birdlocked” and secured the band around his balls and cock sheath, I locked Troy’s new Chastity Tube with a small gold lock.  It was obvious right away that there was no way that the Chastity Device was going to be removed without the key which hung on the chain around my neck.

When I released Troy from his restraints and removed the hood from his head, and he had a chance to look at his locked up cock, he was understandably somewhat confused and agitated, and wanted to know what was going on.  I sat him down and explained in great detail why I had locked his cock into a Chastity Tube.  I reminded him that a month earlier he had professed his total dedication to me and had promised me that he would do whatever it took to make me happy.  I explained to him that even though he, like most men, would promise total fidelity at the beginning of a relationship, unfortunately he would cheat on me.  Maybe not by having an affair with another woman, but by masturbating, which I was sure that he would do, and which by my standard was also considered cheating.  I explained that in order for him to really focus on meeting my sexual needs and pleasing me in all other areas of our relationship, I had to make sure that there was no way for him to give in to his own sexual desires whenever he wanted to.

We spent quite a bit of time that evening discussing what his new locked up status would mean in our relationship going forward.  I explained to him how I would from time to time release him from the Chastity Tube, but that whether or not I allowed him to have an orgasm would depend on his behavior, and how well he was meeting my needs.  I also explained to him that just because he could no longer have an orgasm, did not mean that I couldn’t, and I made it very clear to him at that point, that I would expect many orgasms from his mouth and tongue before I would even consider allowing him to experience one.

I also made it clear that night that in the days ahead I did not want to hear him begging me to unlock the Chastity Tube so that he could come.  I explained that every time he said something to me about unlocking his Tube, I would automatically add additional days to the time that he would be locked up with no chance of having a sexual release.

As I explained to him the type of behavior that I expected from him now that he was locked in the Chastity Tube, I said: “If I need you for something, then you will be there.  If I ask you to do something, then you will do it without any argument at all.  If I desire to use you for my pleasure, then you will be there and you will please me totally”

As I look back now on the next thing I said to Troy that night, I have to smile, because I had no idea at the time, that it would become the title of the book that I would write twelve years later.  What I said to him was “Troy, now that I hold the key to your Chastity Tube, the major difference in our relationship is that starting tomorrow you will be at my Beck and Call”.

I asked Troy if he comprehended everything that I had explained to him and he said that yes, he fully understood what I was saying.  As you can imagine, he was very apprehensive about his new condition of being locked up, so I wanted to let him know that I would understand if he decided that he did not want to continue our relationship under the terms that I had just laid out to him.  I told him that if he wanted me to remove the Chastity Tube before we left the next day for home, then I would do so.  However, if I did remove it, then we would end our relationship and part as friends since I considered Male Chastity to be too important a part of our future relationship.

I hardly got the words out of my mouth before Troy’s demeanor changed and he said that he absolutely didn’t want to have that happened.  He told me that he had never met a woman like me in his life before, and that he couldn’t even bear the thought of us not being together.  He started repeating himself as he told me over and over again that he would do whatever I asked of him because he wanted to be with me and to make me happy.

Pleased with his response and his honest outpouring of emotion, I gave him a big hug and kiss.  Then I slipped off my leather skirt, sat down on the edge of the bed, spread my legs, and told him to get down on his knees in front of me.  I grabbed his head, pulled it between my legs and said “Well Troy, why don’t you start right now showing me how much you want to make me happy!”

That’s exactly what Troy did, and he gave me some of the best orgasms I had ever experienced as he knelt there for almost an hour pleasuring me with his mouth and tongue.  It was very obvious to me that he was much more excited than normal as he worked his tongue in and out of my pussy and worked harder to please me than he had ever done before.  There was no doubt in my mind that the Chastity Tube locked around his cock heightened his arousal and devotion.  I knew that night that I had made the right decision locking up his cock and I looked forward to months and years of continued pleasure from my slave.

Well, it’s been thirteen years since that evening in the mountain cabin and I can tell you that I have enjoyed every one of those years having Troy as first my slave, and then my husband.  He has been locked in some version of a Chastity Tube at all times over the years and I am so glad that I was determined at the outset that Male Chastity be a mandatory part of my relationship and then my marriage to him.

There are a couple of points which I feel are very important, and any woman who is considering using Male Chastity in a Female Led Relationship needs to understand them and always abide by them.  If you are lax in implementing any of these recommendations, then you will probably find that you will start having problems, and will not get all the wonderful benefits that can come from enforced Male Chastity with your partner like I do with mine in my marriage:

  1. The day that you Lock up his cock should be the last day that he will ever be able to touch his cock.  Once you lock your partner/husband into a Chastity Device, he should never be able to touch his cock ever again except when you allow him to shave his cock and balls as needed, and that should be under close supervision by you.  An even better alternative is for you to keep him shaved down there on a regular basis.  I have a monthly ritual where I keep Troy’s body pretty much hair free.  I handcuff his wrists behind his back, have him stand in the bathroom, then I remove his Chastity Tube.  I’ll then shave his genital area completely smooth, shave all the hair off of his chest, and then lock his cock back up again in his Chastity Tube.
  1. If the Chastity Tube is off, then the slave’s hands must be bound. This rule should never be violated.  Any time I remove Troy’s Chastity Tube for any reason, either his wrists are handcuffed behind his back or he is bound down helpless to the bed.  You will probably want to remove your partner’s Chastity Tube on a weekly basis to clean him up and clean out the tube.  You will definitely want to remove his Chastity Device once or twice a week so that you can really “Tease and Deny” him and keep him in an aroused state so that he gives you all the pleasure you desire.  I will cover how I “Tease and Deny” Troy in a later chapter, but suffice it to say that this is a very important part of Male Chastity if you really want to reap the benefits of having your partner locked up.
  1. You should get multiple orgasms before you ever allow your husband/partner to even have one. The number one benefit that you, as the Keyholder should derive from a lifestyle of enforced Male Chastity is having your slave service you and give you pleasure whenever and where ever you should desire it.  If you are properly keeping him aroused by the “Tease and Deny” techniques, then he should be ready at all times to get his mouth between your legs and give you all the satisfying orgasms which you desire.  In my relationship with Troy, I have made the personal decision that he must give me at least ten great orgasms before I will even consider letting him come when I unlock his Chastity Tube.  Obviously, this is the number that I have decided on, based on the years that we have been together, and knowing how long I can keep him aroused and frustrated.  You will need to find out what the magic number is for you.  How many orgasms do you want before you allow your partner to also have a sexual release?

If you are new to enforced Male Chastity, you may fall into the trap that many women fall into, and that is, either feeling sorry for their partner and allowing him to come too frequently, or thinking that he has been locked up long enough and that he deserves an orgasm. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

You should never ever unlock your partner and give him an orgasm because you feel sorry for him.  He must earn each and every orgasm, so that he is properly conditioned to know that only stellar behavior and constant pleasuring of his Mistress will maybe earn him a sexual release.  You must also realize another fact.  Many women think that if they do not allow their men to have a sufficient number of orgasms, then they might do some damage to their partner (the old “Blue Balls Theory”).    This is a total myth.  Your male partner can go a week, a month, and even longer without a sexual release and there will be no physical consequences.  There may be a lot of mental consequences because most males think that they either need sex or need to masturbate on a regular basis.  In fact, some married men have been known to even masturbate on a daily basis, and totally disregard the sexual needs of their wives.  That fact alone should convince women to lock up their men in a Chastity Device.

I’ll be completely honest with you on this subject.  I usually allow Troy to have a sexual release twice a month.  The primary reason that I do that is because I do like to feel his cock inside of me after I have bound him down to the bed, removed his Chastity Tube, and have tied up his cock and balls with a length of cord so that he is hard as a rock with his veins protruding.  I like riding his cock in a manner where I stop and start, take multiple orgasms for myself, and then only when I am completely satisfied, do I allow him to come.  Twice a month is more than enough for any man.

Now I must also tell you that if Troy has done something that has displeased me, then I always put punishment in front of pleasure.  I have kept him locked up for a month at a time, have not allowed him to have a single orgasm, forgot about using his cock for my pleasure, and instead, have made him use his mouth to give me all of the pleasure I desired.  I will never forgo my pleasure because of his bad behavior, and I will never allow him to come if he hasn’t earned the right by his behavior.

  1. If you let him come, then you should make him eat it!  Many women may not understand how powerful the statement I just made is, as it applies to a Female Led Relationship.  After I have sex with Troy, while he is still bound to the bed, I like to slide my pussy up over his face and make him lick me clean.  I do this for two reasons.  First, I like having him lick me and run his tongue into my vagina after we have had sexual intercourse.  Most times, this will result in giving me another great orgasm in addition to the one I already had using his cock.  It is not unusual for me just to sit on his face for a long time after sex and make him lick and worship my pussy.

The second reason you should always make your partner eat his cum is because of the symbolic significance it holds in your relationship.  Making a man eat his cum while he is helpless to object, sends a clear message to him that he is subservient to you.  It helps solidify your position as his superior Keyholder.

If I have sexual intercourse with Troy, he will lick me clean and worship my pussy as soon as we are finished.  If I decide to masturbate him, instead of having sex with him, then I will feed him his cum after he has his sexual release.

Do most men like being forced to eat their cum?  Absolutely not!  Should that stop you from making your man eat his cum?  Absolutely not!  You need to be constantly sending messages to your partner that he is there for your pleasure and that he is subservient to you.  Building a successful Female Led Relationship is a combination of many things, not just locking his cock up in a Chastity Tube.

I feel that I have a great Female Led Relationship in my marriage to Troy, and I hope that you can also experience the wonderful benefits that can be yours when you take control of your man, lock him in a Chastity Device, and begin the journey to achieving a true Female Led Relationship!

Male Chastity – The “Key” To A Successful Female Led Relationship is Available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle Format

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