Mistress – Here’s a Fun Way for You to Control your slave’s Orgasms

Dice  rikers

Chastity Dice Game for Key Holders

This game is designed so that the Mistress/Key Holder can play this Chastity Game with her slave on Yearly Basis.  The Roll of two dice will determine how many Orgasms the Mistress will allow her “Locked Up” slave to enjoy during the coming Twelve Month Period.

Very Simple Rules:

The Mistress will blindfold the slave and hand him two dice.  The slave will roll the two dice, but he will not see what he rolls, only the Mistress will see, and She will never tell him what he rolled on the dice.  It is recommended however, that the Mistress take a Picture with her Cell Phone which captures the blindfolded slave and the two dice on the floor in front of him.  That picture can be shown to the slave when he has exhausted the supply of his Available Orgasms for the year.  The Picture will help build trust and show the slave that the Mistress always treats him fairly, and that he was the one who determined his own fate.

Once the slave has rolled the dice, the two dice will be added together, and that will determine how many times over the coming twelve months, the slave will be allowed to experience an Orgasm.  For example, if slave rolls a 1 and a 4, then he will be allowed to enjoy 5 Orgasms during the next twelve months.

If the slave is very lucky and rolls a six and a six, then he will be entitled to Twelve Orgasms during the Twelve Months.  If, however, he is not so lucky, and rolls a One and a One, then he will only be allowed to enjoy Two Orgasms during the Twelve Month Period.  He, of course, will not know that he only has Two available for the coming Twelve Month Period.

Whenever the slave is released from his Chastity Device for an Orgasm, how he is allowed to come (self-masturbation, masturbation by the Mistress, or Sexual Intercourse with the Mistress) will be determined strictly by the Mistress, and the slave will have no say whatsoever in the matter.

During the Twelve Months, on a regular basis, the Mistress will restrain her slave so that he is completely helpless, and then she will unlock the slave’s Chastity Tube and tease him until he is sufficiently excited and begging her for a release.  Once he begs for a sexual release, the Mistress will then ask him if he would like to use one of his available Orgasms.  Remember, he should never know how many Orgasms he has available during the year.

If the slave should say yes, and he is entitled to an Orgasm, then the Mistress will allow him to come either by masturbation or sexual intercourse, depending on her mood.

Only the Mistress knows how many releases he has left, and whether or not he is entitled to an Orgasm at that specific time.  If the slave should say yes, and he does not have any releases left for the Twelve Month Period, then the slave will be severely punished and locked back up for the remainder of the year.  He will not be released from the Chastity Tube to have an Orgasm nor will he be allowed to roll the dice again till the start of the next Twelve Month Period.

It would be at this point that the Mistress may want to show the picture of the initial dice roll to her slave verifying how many Orgasms he had available for the year, so that he can see that he used them all up too fast.

As you can imagine the fun is in the fact that the Locked Up slave never knows how many Orgasms he is entitled to.  He might have rolled a One and a One, and not knowing it, he may request two Orgasms in two months, and then have to go Ten Full Months without an Orgasm before he is allowed to roll the Dice again.  Such Sweet Torture and Frustration for the Locked Up male! 

The Mistress, as you would expect however, may use her slave as many times whenever and wherever She desires to have slave give her all the Orgasms and Pleasure which she desires, while he is denied.



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