“His Fall From Power” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 3/8 through 3/12

Don’t miss out on getting your own personal copy of “His Fall From Power: A Tale of Female Domination” by Mistress Benay which will be FREE on Amazon from 3/8 through 3/12

His Fall From Power  Thomas McMillian was on Top of the World. As C.E.O. of a rapidly growing Electronics Company, he had it all. The Beautiful Wife, the Mansion in the Suburbs, the Fancy Foreign Cars, and Everything he could possibly wish for. Until he made two mistakes which were going to cause him to lose everything. First he hired Ashley Long to be his Executive Secretary and then he betrayed his Wife by having an affair with Ashley. Little did he know, that those two mistakes would catapult him into his new role as a slave to his Wife and to his Secretary.
Mistress Benay, author of the successful “At Her Beck and Call” Female Domination Series took a major step into another Venue with this new full length Novel, which is filled with Corporate Intrigue and Sensual Relationships that will keep you turning pages to see what happens next as this Steamy and Exciting Tale of Female Domination unfolds.
You will find that Mistress Benay does a masterful job of weaving an intricate plot where the main character does not realize until it is too late that he has been led into a world of Male Chastity, Bondage, Bi-Sexual Relationships, Domestic Servitude, Discipline and Female Domination by the clever maneuvering of his Wife and his Secretary.  You’ll readily see why this Novel was nominated for the “Golden Flogger Award” as Best BDSM Book of The Year.

Here’s just one of many Reviews this Novel has received:

Laura Anne Lynn
Format: Paperback  Verified Purchase
His Fall From Power by Mistress Benay was a page turner. I couldn’t believe how quickly I read it. While some of it was predictable, what truly impressed me was how terrifically well the author got across the feelings Thomas had as he fell deeper and deeper into slavery to his wife. While he seemed to have a passing interest in domination on the internet, he surely found no fun in the reality. Yes he found something in being able to please his wife in a number of ways, but he feels himself more and more a slave. It is not a joyful existence. His one step across the line does not seem to warrant such total slavery especially when considering the enticement that few men could resist, but the years of neglect do merit such punishment. Both Thomas and Doreen seem to have lost the love they probably once had. Doreen’s skill is awesome though perhaps she learns much from Ashley. I loved the contract being offered to the reader in full and not just referenced as so many authors do. I’m glad I have the sequel on my shelf to read (as I have read four of her books previously), but I am not hopeful for Thomas to have a bright future. But I must read of his journey and experience his feelings. The other thing that comes through so strongly is the knowledge of the author in the power a Mistress can have. If one wants to really experience what it is like to be a slave to a Mistress, one can’t help but realize that Mistress Benay would be fully capable of doing so and the whole book becomes a sort of enticement, but one that the reader comes away feeling very apprehensive even thinking about. And yet is one drawn to ponder? A vicarious read no doubt, but more than that seeps into the mind.
Laura Anne Lynn


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