Some of the Best Five Star Novels featuring Male Chastity and Female Domination

“His Fetish Desires: A Tale Of Female Domination” by Mistress Benay

Fetish Desires  Becky Stewart has been married to her husband John for only five years, and already he has lost interest in initiating sex with her, and she can’t figure out what is causing the problem. Becky is a drop dead gorgeous woman with long beautiful legs and a body that turns men’s heads wherever she goes. When Becky can’t take the neglect from her husband any longer, she confides in her best friend, and her friend Shirley suggests that Becky hires a private detective to follow John, and find out if he is cheating on Becky.
What the detective discovers turns Becky’s world upside down, and she is suddenly indoctrinated into the world of BDSM and the Fetish Desires of her inattentive husband.
With the help and guidance of Shirley, Becky quickly takes control of her marriage and gives her neglectful husband more than he ever bargained for in his Fetish Fantasies.
Once again, Mistress Benay does a masterful job, and delivers a Sensuous Tale of Female Domination which will keep you aroused and turning pages as fast as you can to see how Becky uses her husband’s fetishes to her advantage, as she creates a Female Led Relationship where She is the one in Control, and her total satisfaction and pleasure is the only thing which matters.
Readers – Make sure that you are comfortable with Topics which include BDSM, Male Chastity, Female Domination, and Bondage and Discipline before venturing into this very sexy and descriptive Novel.


Special Collateral Brian Parker needs a bank loan to be able to take an opportunity to start a new life in a new city, but as a young man with bad credit and no significant income he is running out of places he can turn to for help.

When he is told about VanSaan Financial and their Special Collateral loan department Brian jumps at the opportunity to get the cash he needs, until he learns the collateral Lisa VanSaan is demanding is his sexuality.

If he agrees to her terms Lisa VanSaan plans to take ownership of his manhood and lock it away in an unbreakable, high tech chastity device that only she can control.

Brian, unable to resist her seductive tease and denial, and his need for cash, puts his family jewels on the line. Will he be able to handle what the ballbusting Lisa VanSaan has in store once she has him right where she wants him?  


What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!: A Tale Of Female Superiority by Mistress Vanessa 

What Mistress Wants  After a Successful and very Eventful Twenty Year career as a Professional Dominatrix in New York City and Philadelphia, Mistress Vanessa recently retired and moved to Virginia, where she enjoys a Female Led Marriage with her new husband, and has now started a new career as an Author, writing about her life experiences as a Professional Domme and the submissive men she catered to at various houses of Female Domination where she worked.
In this Exciting and Tell All Novel, which is the first installment of her new Series – “What The Mistress Wants …The Mistress Gets!”, the reader is treated to a rare behind the scenes look at what led Mistress Vanessa to chose a career as a Dominatrix, how she built a clientele of regular customers, and what really takes place in a House of Female Domination.
Mistress Vanessa spares no details, as she gives her readers an in-depth and intimate look at the clients who came to her for Sessions, and the desires, fetishes, and fantasies which those clients brought with them to her Dungeon, where she turned their fantasies into reality.
Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains explicit descriptions of activities involving Female Domination, Bondage and Discipline, Forced Feminization, Female Led Relationships, and Enforced Male Chastity


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