Two Great Resources for Women and Men seeking a Female Led Relationship

Practical FLR: Lessons For A Female Led Relationship

Flr   Practical FLR is the perfect book to give to your partner if you wish to express your hidden sexual desires. A FLR can turn the sparks in your relationship into flames that burn with intimacy and passion.  A series of lessons that highlight why a FLR can transform your relationship in a practical way for both men and women!

Explore the different kinds of loving female led relationships while becoming closer and more connected to your partner. Practical FLR offers 35 lessons that introduce total beginners to the lifestyle, to help them understand why a FLR should be considered and explored.

The lessons help break down the taboo, to help you see FLR’s in a new light. Lessons to help you understand both the dominant and submissive side. Give this book to your partner, whether you’re married, or starting fresh, the lessons apply to everyone!

If you are a woman that wants to understand submissive men, and be more assertive, this book is for you.  If you are a submissive man that can’t figure out how to tell your partner about your submissive desires, this book is for you too! Practical FLR thrives on bringing clarity and understanding to those seeking a female led relationship.


Practical FLR: A Woman’s Guide To Gentle Dominance 

FLR2  Practical FLR: A Woman’s Guide To Gentle Dominance is a book designed to bring clarity to those starting a female led relationship. The book explores many different domination techniques that will enhance both partners lives for the better.

It is not uncommon for a woman to discover her man’s submissive side, and have no clue how to respond to him. Dominance is often something that must be discovered as it is practiced and this book will help her do just that!

Explore different styles of dominance, and understand how to best keep a submissive in his place. Inside and outside of the bedroom, dominance is a way of life, an attitude, a personality trait, and a sexual turn on!

This book will guide a woman to dig deep within herself and unleash her potential to get what she wants. She will become not only his dominant, but also his leader, and as a result, he will adore her and worship her with deep respect and gratitude.

As she discovers her new found sexual power, he will be discovering what he has always craved, his deepest desires to submit to a woman, not just sexually, but totally. This will bring your sex lives to untold heights, increasing intimacy and passion, and creating a lifestyle that will have you both wondering how you lived without for so long.

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