If you like Novels about Female Domination and Male Chastity, then you have to like Vickie Scott – Today’s Five Star Author. She keeps hitting Home Runs on Amazon with every one of her Novels

“You asked for it!” by Vickie Scott

You Asked for it  “You asked for it!” is a 41,000 word story for adults only. It is a female domination story that includes bondage and male chastity.
Greg had always wanted a dominant lady in his life but he ended up falling in love and marrying Penny.  Whilst Penny was all the “vanilla” side of Greg could have wanted, the kinkier side yearned for a real life, dangerous dominatrix. His only way to live out his fantasies was through reading stories or watching videos on the computer.
Penny discovered his yearning after checking the computer history and then fed the worrying details to her twin sister Donna. With the help of Donna it is decided to take Greg down a road of submission and find out just how much he really wants this to happen. Penny offered to allow him to live out his fantasies and he grasped the chance with both hands.  He asked, no begged for it to happen, perhaps a little too convincingly to ever be allowed to back out again.
The reality of all this comes as quite a shock to Greg but he accepts that it was his wish and he learns to understand his “new wife”.  However, when he tries his hand at escaping his chastity cage he discovers just how serious Penny is on this new lifestyle.
Greg’s life is to change dramatically and with it his desperation to be free of his chastity cage increases.  Unable to get himself free and the keys not being available he starts to wonder if he is ever going to be free of it again. Desperation calls for desperate measures but will they help at all?

“Teased and Denied: A Fem-Dom Story containing bondage, cross-dressing and enforced male chastity” by Vickie Scott


Teased and Denied  Teased and Denied is an adult only Fem-Dom story about a young couple that find they enjoy one another’s fetishes.  Tim loves bondage and Jane silk and satin clothing. They start off with Jane using her scarf collection to tie Tim up at first badly but with help from her submissive husband she soon becomes very efficient.  Their lives change when Jane discovers a lady who creates the most secure and beautifully made male chastity cages ever.  They make an appointment for Tim to be measured after some persuading and serious doubts by Tim. Tim soon discovers that life locked up in chastity isn’t easy.  Daily teased by both Jane and his beautiful work colleague who has also began to wear satin clothes causes fun and problems for Tim. The story takes you through their adventures, the escape attempts, the doubts, and the love they have for one another. Bondage, some cross-dressing and lots of enforced male chastity make this a fun fantasy story that I hope you enjoy reading.


The Marriage Guidance Councillor by Vickie Scott


Marriage Counselor  The Marriage Guidance Councillor: In this 30,000 word Female Domination story Bill has for some time been preferring the company of the Internet and his own hand to satisfy his sexual yearnings at the cost of alienating his loving wife Jill.  With Jill almost resigned to losing the man she loves she tells her closest friend of her problems.  To her surprise Anne had at one time suffered in much the same way and was able to make suggestions and recommend a very good but unconventional councillor to help.  Bill agrees to a role play weekend but he has no idea what he is about to unleash.  So begins the story of how by using bondage and chastity coupled with huge doses of love and domination, Jill takes control of Bill and their marriage.  Helped by Anne and the councillor Dr Jennie, life soon becomes exciting for them both once again.

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