If you’re a submissive man searching for a Mistress, then you may find this Book to be helpful in your search for that Dominant Partner

How to Capture a Mistress by Karen Martin

Capture a Mistress  How to Capture a Mistress is a light-hearted, but aggressive approach, to mining that rare jewel, a Dominant Lady of quality, and figuring out what to do once you’ve found her.

It will take time and dedication, but those special ladies are waiting to treasure, lead, play and discipline as necessary. This book is written for submissive men who are having trouble figuring out how to find a dominant female who is not simply a bitch. An entire plan of action is spelled out.
How to Capture a Mistress addresses such topics as:
Basics of Kinky Play
Basics of playing with Power
Dispelling myths about a Mistress
Getting along with a Mistress
Retooling your skills
Recognizing when she isn’t the Mistress for you
Edging above the competition
Petitions, contracts and collars

About the Author

In her non-kink world, Karen Martin is a retired educator whose graduate degree is in speech pathology. That’s not as interesting as her kink resumé. In her kink life, Karen’s scene name is Brenna and she is a FemDom who has owned a male slave since the spring of 2002.

Here’s what She has to say in her Introduction:
Why did I write this book? I wrote this book out of frustration. Men who have incredible needs write to me offering service, financial domination, relocation to places I have no interest in visiting, and long-term relationships usually by the second e-mail exchange, not understanding that what they have to offer is not what I need or want. Their approach is similar to bulk mailing. Men write many, many women in hopes of finding their one true mate, a Dominant lady who will fulfill their fantasies. In writing this book, I believe a gentleman of quality will be able to pursue the dream of capturing a Dominant Lady and begin another chapter in the “Happily Ever After” of their kinky lives. The gentleman has to rethink how he is going to pursue her. Because this book was written for males who wish to form healthy relationships with FemDoms, the gender throughout the book will be male submissive, Female Dominant. Every male deserves a Mistress even if he hasn’t had much luck finding one. He just may be looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. He may not be looking at all, assuming she will find him. Or, he may be wounded from a perfect relationship that suddenly soured. None of this matters as of this reading because it is in the past, and all we have is now. It’s a journey, and a new day is upon us.

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