“Two Slaves Are Better Than One” by Mistress Benay will be FREE on Amazon from 5/17 thru 5/21

Get your FREE Copy of “Two Slaves Are Better Than One: Domination Sessions in My Dungeon” on Amazon from 5/17 thru 5/21

Two Slaves Better Than One  Many readers who loved the “At Her Beck and Call” Series by Mistress Benay wrote and asked her for more in-depth stories about the Female Domination Sessions which took place in Mistress Benay’s Dungeon in Colorado. The Mistress listened, and then unveiled her Female Domination Series called “Domination Sessions in My Dungeon”

“Two Slaves Are Better Than One” was the first of many exciting stories in this new Series where Mistress Benay described in graphic detail a memorable evening for her where She had the pleasure of having both a female and a male slave on their knees in her Dungeon, ready to serve Her every need. This story is a fast paced sensuous account of not only how Mistress Benay used her new Bi-Female slave for her pleasure and the slave’s pain, but also how she trained and disciplined both slaves utilizing corporal punishment, high heeled boot worship, forced oral and body worship, nipple torture, male chastity, and imprisonment.

In this story, Mistress Benay had the best of all worlds because whenever She needed a break from the toils of disciplining her two slaves, the female slave’s attractive Master was close at hand to also cater to Mistress Benay’s sexual needs. Mistress Benay’s husband/slave Troy was helpless to intervene or do anything as he remained bound and locked in the new Jail Cell which the Mistress had installed in her Dungeon.

Just as She always did in her full length novels, Mistress Benay’s writing style will keep you excited throughout the story, turning pages, anxiously awaiting the next sexy detail of her wonderful Female Domination style.

Mistress Benay was not only an accomplished Author, but was also a Professional Dominatrix in Colorado who worked with men, women and couples. Anyone interested in Female Domination, Male Chastity, or a Female Led Relationship would be wise to read Mistress Benay’s books.

Two Slaves Better Than One

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

You can see all of the Mistress’s Books and her Bio on Her Amazon Author’s Page.  Don’t forget to get your FREE Copy of “Two Slaves are Better Than One”!

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