If you like Novels dealing with Female Domination and Male Chastity, you’ll Love this Exciting Novel by JT Allen

The Key Discovery: A Femdom Chastity Adventure 

Key Discovery  Sabrina is sick and tired of men. She wants to be done with being neglected, used, and underappreciated. She just doesn’t know how to get what she wants. Until the day she discovers a very personal message on her bosses computer. A message detailing his new state of the art chastity device.

Now that she knows about this new world of male chastity, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Ryan has been in love with the idea of giving up control to a dominant woman for as long as he can remember. He thought he had found the right woman but then Sabrina came along and threw a giant wrench into his plans. Now that Sabrina has discovered his secret, and made her intentions clear, Ryan has no choice but to come to terms with what it might mean to get what he has always wished for.

The Key Discovery is an Action Packed Femdom and Chastity Novel.

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