Women – Get Ready to Live Out Your Domina Character with help from this Great Book!

“Dominant Women: The Dominant Women’s and Submissive Men’s Handbook For Amazing Relationships” by Alexandra Morris


Get ready to live out your Domina character.  It’s time to push that little man around and make him beg for more.

One of the biggest misconceptions about BDSM is this: Women are submissive and men are dominant.

It’s time to shine some bright light on that myth.

With tons of experience with pushing men around (in a non-bitchy way, they all agreed, I promise you) I decided to write this book for both novices and experienced Dominas.

This is a sensitive topic. It goes against what we see on tv and film. It goes against the innocent girl conquered by a dominant man. It’s against the so-called masculine attributes. And that’s why it’s both exciting and common! It’s like eating the forbidden fruit, almost as living a double life.

I’ve divided This Book into four parts:

Part one: Being a dominant women
Part two: Understanding Male Sexuality
Part three: Communication and satisfying each other’s needs
Part four: Perform the act

Each part is divided into several sections to arm you with the best information and make sure you get a great time being a Domina.

Enjoy the book and please let me know if I can help in any way!

All the best,

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