If you like Novels dealing with Male Humiliation and Feminization, then you’ll enjoy this Book by Lady Alexa

“A Very Dominant Woman (Femdom and Male Humiliation Book 1)” by Lady Alexa

Dominant Women  Stephen Hayley needed a job desperately.  He had been made redundant and the bills were coming in faster than he could pay them. His wife then finds him a junior marketing role in a company marketing female-only products.  The female-only company wanted to recruit another female employee, one who understands the female market but hadn’t been able to find anyone suitable. Stephen has all the qualifications but he’s male.  So Aretta Ademola, the alpha female Vice President offers him the job and finds an unusual solution. He has to use the products the company promotes.  Female products and female clothing. His boss Aretta is a believer in the superiority of women and thinks that the only good male is a fully feminized submissive male.  Aretta starts him off in plain female trousers and plain blouses but has deeper plans for her new employee and soon Stephen becomes renamed Stephanie and begins his transformation at Aretta’s hands and those of her helpers.
The story starts off with the background of Aretta Ademola’s and why she became a very dominant woman and her experiences in feminizing and subjugating the men around her before switching to Stephen’s feminization at the hands of this Very Dominant Woman.

This third edition of the book contains scenes of a sexual nature, male to female gender transformation, humiliation, female domination and reluctant feminization.  For adults aged 18 and over only.

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