This Novel by Vickie Scott shows why men should always be careful as to what they wish for!

“THE CHRISTMAS PRESENT: A FemDom story where his Fantasy is to become his Reality” by Vickie Scott

Christmas Present  The Christmas Present is a female domination story for adults only.  The story tells of Anna and her husband Tim and how they change their lives one Christmas.

Tim has been begging his wife to allow him to buy a chastity cage to play with but until now Anna has always refused on the grounds of it being a waste of money. Anna has recently come into a lot of money and so now doesn’t have that same argument and so when he begs again, they argue and she storms out of the house to cool down.  At a coffee shop she meets a professional dominatrix called Anita who offers to help guide her thought this stormy patch.  She helps select the cage that will be used and also some restraints and clothes that will be needed.
Tim is told that he will be getting a cage for Christmas and from there he manages to persuade his wife to give him a whole year of where his fantasies of the past become his real-life world. He even sets things up to make it practically impossible for himself to back out once it starts.  It starts slowly and soon becomes difficult for Tim as he discovers just how determined his wife is to give him exactly what he wished for in his fantasies. Being careful what you wish for frequently comes to his mind.
The year passes slowly and Tim has to contend with Bethany, Anna’s sister, discovering his secret as well as various other people.  Several times he begs Anna to stop this whole lifestyle but she is resolute in seeing it through.  She reminds him that this is what he said he wanted and so this is what she is going to make sure he receives.
Tim discovers that after a year is up he has made it impossible for himself to go back to his former life without help from Anna.  It is now a matter of if Anna will allow that to happen.  Has she become so comfortable with this lifestyle she’ll want to carry it on after the year is through?

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