“The Mistress and The Master: Domination Weekend” will be FREE on Amazon from 7/13 thru 7/17

Get your FREE Copy of “The Mistress and The Master: Domination Weekend” by Mistress Benay on Amazon from 7/13 through 7/17 


If you have followed the exploits of Mistress Benay and her slave Troy, and you like what you’ve read so far in her other novels, then you’ll love this Novel, where she recounts for you, in one exciting chapter after another, all the details of what took place when she attended a three day BDSM Event in Denver a few years ago.

Mistress Benay was never one to pass up the opportunity to discipline and use both female and male slaves for her pleasure and entertainment, and that’s just what she did during her exciting weekend in Denver. The Mistress went even further while at the Fetish Conference, by joining forces with Master Robert, and taking advantage of his beautiful female slave, in addition to exposing Troy to experiences which were totally new to him. Troy may not have been too happy about his weekend in Denver, but rest assured that Mistress Benay and Master Robert both had a memorable time using their slaves.

As if all of that action was not enough, Mistress Benay went even further before the weekend was over, by using a Sissy French Maid, who she met at the conference for her personal service, and you can bet that the Mistress demanded plenty of obedience and pleasure from the maid, who did everything the Mistress ordered, with the hope that she would obtain a a permanent position of service in Mistress Benay’s Colorado Dungeon.

If you like exciting details of Female Domination, Bondage & Discipline, Male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Activities, and BDSM Adventures, then you need to get your hands on this FREE Book which spares no details of Mistress Benay’s visit to the Denver Fetish Convention.

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