This Book changes Women’s Attitudes, about Relationship Dynamics, Forever!

“Dommemoir” by I.G. Frederick


In Geneviéve’s journey of discovery she dabbles in the BDSM lifestyle which forces her to recognize and acknowledge her true nature.  Her memoir, woven together with that of a male slave, draws the reader into an intense odyssey of sexual expression triumphing over sexual repression while delivering fascinating insight about a different kind of love.

Dommemoir delivers on so many levels that it defies categorization. … It quickly sucks you in and envelopes you in the bondage of its spell. … Dommemoir is a character study that breathes complex and compelling life into its hero, the devastating Lady Geneviéve and the fortunate submissives who worship at her feet … placing you in the delicious bondage of its dark and compelling landscape…”

– Larry Brooks, USA Today bestselling author of Darkness Bound and Bait and Switch

5.0 out of 5 Stars

A Great Read!

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