New Action Packed Release of a “Sissy Anthology” by Tanya O’Neil

“Feminized Boys: A Sissy Anthology” by Tanya O’Neil

Feminized Boys

Most people assume the human population is generally made of men and women. That’s true, but only to an extent.  You see, it gets more complicated.  There are women, powerful men who deserve respect…and the pathetic sissies who need to be controlled. These are the boys who need to be taught appropriate respect, deference, and obedience.

The boys in these four stories will learn to surrender.  Trapped in panties and humiliatingly feminine outfits, these sissies will crawl, beg, cook, and clean.  They might start out as powerful businessmen, but they’ll be transformed into simpering servants and slaves.  These boys need to be collared, leashed, spanked, and humiliated.  They need to be turned into feminized slaves who are ready to kneel, suck, and surrender.

Their wives know how to take command.  These are the women who understand what it takes to strip a man of his strength.  Soon, he’ll have makeup on his cute face and sexy panties between his legs.

Yes, he can try to fight, but it won’t make any difference.  These feminized boys will learn to obey…one way or another.

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