Five Stars … Highly recommend this Author to those wishing to explore the topic of male chastity and the Female Led Relationship Dynamic.

“The Witch of Windsor Magazine: A FemDom Erotica Tale” by Key Barrett


Geoffrey is prepared, strong-willed and ambitious.  His dream is to be editor-in-chief of a major magazine by the time he’s thirty, just like his idol: Justine De Havre, better known as The Witch of Windsor Magazine.

It’s not just Windsor Magazine she runs, but all of the Cote D’accord media empire, but Windsor is the flagship, it’s her baby.  Intern for Justine De Havre at Windsor and do a good job and in eighteen months you’ll be heading your own magazine.  Fail and you’ll leave NYC forever.

Geoffrey is ready for the challenge. He’s read every book about the Witch and prepared for months.  But as the first male intern she’s ever had, he has a huge hurdle to cross.

All is going well until he commits a a humiliating and embarrassing sexual act that threatens everything he’s worked so hard for.  Madame De Havre offers him a chance at restitution, but with a price: He has to ‘cage’ his animal.  When he accepts, his journey to learn about true ambition begins.

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