5.0 out of 5 Stars … What’s on the menu? A full plate of Kink

“The COMPLETE Slavehouse Series: A FemDom Saga Like No Other” by Charlotte Benning

Slavehouse Series

The COMPLETE Slavehouse Series together in one volume for the first time.…An atmospheric journey into the chilling dark heart of female domination…
The Slavehouse…All who come into contact with its fatal, alluring spell are doomed to be subjugated in the most degrading and extreme way, transformed permanently into vacuous, adoring pets of the evil Mistresses who reside there.

Given to Miss Tate
It was their usual Friday night in rain-swept, safe suburbia. The boys were coming home from the pub, swaggering with beer and high spirits. They were a little loud, a little drunk, and a little disorderly but meaning no harm. It was just to be a prank played out of season…

But that night, they called at the wrong house.

Every one of them ended up running away like their lives depended on it… every one of them except one.

One of them was caught, and kept, and then…Given to Miss Tate…

Welcome to the world of the Divine Mistress; a Slavehouse like no other.

Seeds of the Forbidden
Reports of ‘goings on’ at her address brought two policemen and a woman from Social Services to Miss Pearson’s door. The three of them were relishing the prospect of seeing what exactly lay behind the imposing façade, and using the authority of the state to pick over someone else’s life.

But this call was to be different from their usual. Miss Pearson’s house was no ordinary dwelling, and what goes on there is no everyday life.

It is a Slavehouse. And all those who enter are changed by the experience…their positions, their authority and their uniforms are no protection…

A highly-charged erotic tale of domination, power, control and enslavement, in a series which charts the darkest heart of Domination by the female over the male species.

Chained Inside.
Miss Pearson reveals to Miss Stein something of the beginnings of the Slavehouse, when She first became aware of the real power of Her Femininity, that Dark Epiphany when She suddenly knew who She was and what She could do, and everything She had been told and formerly believed simply crumbled into dust.

Meanwhile, in the present, Miss Tate is busy training Her first slave in the secrecy of Her ensuite apartment upstairs, and Miss Whitworth is surprised by a request to meet with Detective Sergeant Bell…

The Darkest Truth.

Those who approach the Slavehouse with the mantle of authority… those who chance upon a misfortunate intrusion…those who approach in blissful ignorance…all become the helpless, captive prey, doomed to live out the twisted intentions of Miss Pearson, Miss Whitworth, and Miss Tate, sisters without mercy.

Of those men who foolishly enter, none ever come out again except as a living testament to the power of the Slavehouse, broken, changed, subjugated and enslaved.

In the fourth book of this dark and compelling series, the shocking depths of what lies at the heart of Miss Pearson’s thriving establishment begin to appear, and readers beware: As the visitors in this story are changed by the experience, so will you be. …

As an academic, Miss Stein believed in words, ideas, and ideals. At the Slavehouse of Miss Pearson, she formed what she liked to think of as a scholarly interest in the form of lifestyle pertaining there. It was an interest that induced her to go time and time and time again – researching, taking notes, going deeper and deeper, enquiring further into the alluring, ancient power at the heart of the strange establishment. She was appalled….and then she was interested…and then captivated…until finally, in a dark awakening that words could never describe…
…she was taken.
‘A Fem-Dom Saga Like No Other’ – Cruella Pain, author of ‘Caught in Her Web’, ‘Mistress Mis


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