5.0 out of 5 Stars … Another home run by this Talented Author

“A PROPER CAGE: A FemDom story of Male Chastity and Bondage” by Vickie Scott

A Proper Cage

A Proper Cage is a Female Domination story for adults only and comes from the mind of author Vickie Scott. It is about 34.000 words long and tells the story of Tina and Josh, wife and husband whose marriage is “okay”, but could do with a little more excitement in it.

Josh wants a Female Led Marriage and for his wife to also be his Mistress but initially Tina feels that isn’t what she wants, however it is a lady’s privilege to change her mind.

After a rather unfortunate accident with a plastic chastity cage Josh goes all out and buy a top of the range steel cage, a proper cage, but because of the cost he decides not to tell Tina, just yet.  The story tells of how Tina discovers what Josh has done when she finds a strange looking key under his pillow and how he thinks he has lost a key that can’t be replaced to his cage.

Tina decides to teach him a lesson and with the help of some friends they take Josh further down the submission road than he had bargained. The story shows how the cage helps develop and improve their marriage and how their love for one another grows.

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