New Release of a Practical FLR Guide which eliminates the Taboos

“Practical FLR: Destroying The Taboo” by J.M. Scott

Practical FLR

Practical FLR: Destroying The Taboo is a book that is designed to help shine a new light on female led relationships.  It examines all the taboo’s that hold people back from discovering a type of relationship that just might be exactly what they crave.

It makes for a great conversation starter, and serves to help bring honesty and open communication to the forefront.  It’s a book designed to help both dominants and submissives understand who they are.

As taboo’s and inhibitions melt away, the motivation and the courage needed, will present itself and provide opportunity to venture into the beginning of your own female led relationship.

It’s time to destroy the taboos so that many couples can discover the wonders that female led relationships can offer.

This book is about getting naked with each other, not in the physical sense, but in the mental, emotional, and spiritual sense.  It is on those levels where real human connection is made. Where real spiritual growth can occur. Where harmony with yourself, and your partner, is attained.

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