5.0 out of 5 Stars … Wow – Yes, Wow!

“Never Ever: Femdom Chastity Adventures” by JT Allen

Never Ever

Four adventurous women play a drinking game that has each of them revealing their deepest secrets.  When Traci, Sam’s Mistress and Keyholder, reveals the secret of his chastity belt to the foursome, the other women are eager to learn how far Sam would be willing to go to earn his release.

Each woman has their own fantasy that he must fulfill before he will ever have a chance of escaping the device.  But one of their fantasies demands Sam make a sacrifice he might not be able to make.

Sam is about to find out how deep the rabbit hole of male chastity goes.

Will he fall in so deep he can Never Ever get out again?

“Excellent Take on Submissive Chastity”


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