Hot New Release of Five Steamy Stories of Male Submission and Female Dominance!

“Men Taking It: A Bundle of Five Steamy Male Submission Stories” by Henrietta Soto

Men taking it

She’s in Charge

Zach loves the idea of being tied up and taken by a woman in control, and Amber is only too happy to give him what he wants, as long as it is on her terms.  First Zach has to build a swing, and then Amber straps him into it to enjoy the ride.

She Has Him

Harley and Felix have tried most things in the bedroom, so when it comes to light that Felix has never been had by a woman, Harley wants to be his first. Knowing no one else has ever had him like this makes it all the more exciting, and Felix can’t get enough of letting Harley take control.

He Takes It

What Esther wants most for her birthday is her boyfriend Harrison, in a way she’s never had him before. Harrison’s never been had by a woman, but he trusts Esther to make it good. The opportunity to take control in the bedroom drives her wild, and Harrison likes seeing this side of her.

They Take Him: A Threesome Male Submission Story

Vicky’s not the kind of woman who would set up a wild night with a handsome man she met online. Luckily for Vicky, Mina does exactly that. Marco is gorgeous, and more importantly very willing to let Mina and Vicky have their wicked way with him. Marco’s been taken by a woman before, but never by two at once!

Playing Outside: Under Her Control

Sun, sea and submission, just what Parker needs from a summer vacation. He lets Mandy take control, and she has more than just naked sunbathing in mind – she wants to use Parker hard! He takes everything she has to give, excited by the idea that anyone might see them.

Five Steamy Stories of Male Submission and Female Dominance!

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