Five Stars … Sweet & Spicy and So Much Fun!

“In Charge of You: A Red Hot Romantic Comedy” by Jenna McCormick

In Charge of you

Fitting a relationship into a double life is a full-time job and with a super villainess riding shotgun, the power is up for grabs.
Daisy Ellis has a secret. By day she is a mild mannered CPA, but when the sun goes down, her inner feline comes out to prowl in a local dungeon wearing a Catwoman mask. Powerful men grovel at her feet, but none are the sort she wants to bring home to meet her family. And vanilla men just don’t make her purr. What’s a girl to do?

Cue Batman.

Duran Price is everything Daisy could ever want…except submissive. Will she choose the potential love of her life over her love of her sizzling lifestyle?

331 Pages of FemDom Fun!

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