Spare the Chastity, Spoil the Sissy … Pretty in Hot Pink – Locktober Edition

“Spare the Chastity, Spoil the Sissy … Pretty in Hot Pink – Locktober Edition (Modern Day Cinders Book 10)” by MH Macdonald


Pretty in Hot Pink – Special Edition for Locktober – this is the one where Nikki explains her philosophy, that pussy-free sissies don’t need orgasms, they need extra shaming-bells & Hot Pink ribbons to be extra pretty during Locktober, to an increasingly fretful & frisky foofoo…
I’m an aspiring author of fun FemDom frolics, to help get you in the mood, ideal for those looking for a quick, hot fix to the stresses in life…
Society is witnessing the ascent of women while men continue their steady decline. A new generation of alpha females is taking charge, in colleges, in the workplace and in the home; and it is the later where my (initial) tales focus.
My own experiences and fantasies on chastity play, tease & denial of the male are the inspiration for these (100% fictional) tales…
Inspired by a headline (annoyingly, one I can no longer find) of ‘Real Women Don’t Do Housework’, each tale provides a window into a Dominant Woman’s interplay and musings on female domination and male subjugation and servitude. They do this by portraying aspects of the ever-evolving interaction between consenting adults, that can only be likened to that of owner & pet, keeper & livestock.
They occur after the potential of his gift of service as a modern-day-cinders and surrendering of will to her needs, her authority, her discipline, is realised and the responsibility accepted.
Featured to varying degrees, are girlfriends (ranging from vanilla to spiteful sadistic), the neighbor next door, an open-minded boyfriend with a strong libido; and of course, last and very least, a permanent domesticated beta male, toiling away throughout at endless chores, suffering in chastity and through the intrinsic obedience of his submissiveness.
Frequently disciplined, humiliated and laughed at, under the control of his betters, taken further than he’d ever imagined he could go and appreciating the helplessness of submission, mostly… these vignettes into his ongoing plight, of living under the yoke of strict, hardcore tease and denial; are unsuitable for children, alpha-males and anyone who struggles with the concept ‘Real Women Don’t Do Housework.’ Of interest to perverts like me, basically…��

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