The American Matriarchy Series by Anna Ritter Continues …

“The American Matriarchy: Part 3” by Anna Ritter


Surrender is the only option in a city where men are turned into servants, slaves, and playthings. College students, businessmen, and politicians all find themselves stripped of the usual male privileges which they have enjoyed all their lives. In this city, Bella Springs, males must accept the truth of female superiority.

For some of these men, it’s been difficult. With collars, public humiliations, and socially sanctioned punishments, these males will begin to accept their new lives. This is the future, and nothing they do can change it. Face it. The girls are smarter, so they’ve already won.

The American Matriarchy Series includes extreme female domination, male subjugation, spanking, public humiliation, stocks, chastity training, pegging, and more. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

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