Five steamy stories of male submission and female dominance!

“Making Men Submit: A Bundle of Five Steamy Male Submission Stories” by Henrietta Soto

Making Men Submit

Paddle Play: His Punishment

Charlie’s been behaving badly, and Tanya knows exactly why her boyfriend is so eager for a punishment. She takes pleasure in delivering a paddling that Charlie won’t soon forget, and leaves him begging to show her how very good he can be.

Trouble at Work: Punished by His Boss

Lisa’s the hottest boss Eric’s ever had, and when she invites him into her office for a disciplinary, Eric decides to push his luck. Lisa runs with his suggestion that she employ a little corporal punishment, and her control of his pleasure and his pain almost makes Eric beg for mercy.

Showing Him Off: Exposed and Willing

Floor-to-ceiling windows and an office block across the street give Jenny and Luke the opportunity to put on a provocative performance. Jenny loves a man who is strong enough to show her a good time! Luke willingly submits his strength to Jenny’s authority, especially when it becomes obvious that Jenny wants to show off exactly how well Luke obeys her orders.

Used by the Librarian: He Requires Discipline

Jasper is an entitled college athlete, and when he disrespects Brie and her library, she decides to put him in his place. Jasper is thrilled that the sexy librarian asks him to stay after hours, but feels a little nervous about all this talk of discipline and punishment. By the time Brie bends him over her desk to have her wicked way with him, Jasper is ready to be used hard, and even begs Brie for the privilege of her whip.

Her First Dominance: He Submits to Her Wishes

When Carlton asks his girlfriend Delia to take charge in the bedroom as a present on their first anniversary, it’s a chance for her to explore desires she barely even knew she had! The control it gives her to bend her boyfriend over and use him however she pleases ends up being intoxicating, and before long it’s Delia who can’t get enough. She uses Carlton hard, makes him submit to her every whim.


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