Five Steamy Stories of male submission and Female Dominance at Weddings!

“Femdom Wedding Stories: A Five Story Bundle of Men Submitting”by Henrietta Soto 


Taken by His Bride

Ryan knows there’s nothing blushing about his bride, and the first thing he does on their wedding night is go willingly to his knees. He’s thrilled by Carley’s explicit instructions, which leave no doubt that he belongs completely to her. Collared and obedient, Ryan is eager to be used and taken hard by his new wife in any way which will please her.

Had by the Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor and the Best Man sneaking away from the wedding is a time-honored tradition. What Nicole has in mind for her boyfriend Curtis, however, is far from traditional! She puts Curtis on his knees, demanding his obedience. Curtis is eager to serve, and begs Nicole to use him harder and harder.

Tied by a Bridesmaid

Clara enjoys being a bridesmaid. When else does she get to dress up, support her friend and flirt with the handsome Best Man all on the same day? Seth is new to the kind of power play Clara enjoys, but is eager to learn! More importantly, he’s very, very willing to follow Clara’s instructions. Tied up and told what to do, Seth has the time of his life!

Taken by the MILF

Harris has always thought Michelle was the hottest MILF he knew. He never dreamed she’d be interested in a man so much younger than her. Acting as Best Man, Harris puts himself entirely at Michelle’s service. This incredibly hot and bossy MILF tells him exactly what she wants, fulfilling all Harris’ wildest fantasies!

Shared by His New Wife

Flynn and Diana want to have a wedding night to remember. Diana always has a plan, and this one is hot enough to make Flynn’s heart pound. Tied to the bed and shared with two of her bridesmaids, Flynn is used and made to satisfy. Making him earn his reward by showing off his obedience ends happily for everyone.

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