Three Stories of Gorgeous, Dominating Women, who just Love to Exert Control over their men!

“Femdom Mistresses” by Lucille Levine

FemDom Mistresses

1. Training Alex

Alex hates his job, he hates his boss, he hates his life. When a mysterious, beautiful stranger comes in, offering to brutally train him in order to help him feel better about himself, he’s not sure what to think.

He nervously accepts, and begins a descent into a strange world of leather, toys and sissy submission. Soon, he’s being treated like a pet and begging for more. But he’s going to quickly discover that Mistress Sin has ruthless plans to send him to the doghouse… and it makes him pant with a desire like no other.

A standalone BDSM romance with elements of pet play.

She Owns Me

Karl and Sara’s relationship has lost its spark. Sara even worries that maybe Karl is cheating on her. When Sara discovers hardcore FemDom porn on Karl’s computer, she’s shocked.

What’s more shocking is just how turned on watching it makes her.

Sara comes up with a plan to give Karl a birthday he’ll never forget. She’s going to let him live out his sordid fantasies for real. And by the time she’s done with her little slave, she’ll never have to worry about him cheating on her again.

Because soon, Sara’s going to prove to Karl that she owns him.

A standalone erotic sub domme romance with a very HEA.

3. Hardcore Masseuse

Even though Erika loves to dominate her pathetic husband, there’s one thing she’s refused to do in the bedroom. Until now.

She surprises her husband with a tender, erotic massage, before she turns the tables on him, making him the receiver of her love. Soon she’s stretching him in ways he never knew possible.

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