He definitely will not be able to “Grow” in this Great Chastity Confinement Cage!

Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage Steel Silver  


Lock up his dick in solitary confinement!

His cock will not be getting any attention while it is trapped in this intensely constricting chastity device.

Yank his cock and balls through one of the two base rings, sized differently to fit your submissive the way you like it.  Lock the shaft portion of the cage in place, squeezing his flaccid cock for the ultimate incarceration.

Now he is completely at your mercy, unable to find release unless you allow him to.

This sturdy stainless steel cage can be worn for as long as you desire, with a faucet feature that allows him to urinate. His cock belongs to you and you hold the key!

Size length 2.5 inches, insertable length 1.5 inches. Base rings width 1.75 inches and 2 inches.

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