Sissies needs two things: PANTIES and PUNISHMENTS!

“PANTIES & PUNISHMENTS: Sissy Feminization & Humiliation Bundle” by Tina Majors


This hardcore feminization bundle will provide you with supremely strict, humiliating and downright degrading stories of superior females utterly dominating and feminizing subservient sissy boys.

They’ll have help from their friends, female and male too, as they well and truly punish the pathetic sissies.

Boundaries will be obliterated in these explicit stories that leave no taboo unexplored as subservient panty-boys get put in panties and punished over and over again until they learn.

These stories are strictly for adults only, so expect lots of CFNM, Spanking, ass worship, Public Humiliation, Group Humiliation, Alpha Male Worship, cock sucking and taking, and of course… lots and lots of the most scandalously tiny and revealing panties!

Reviews for Tina’s Sissy Stories:

‘This was great. Got my panties tingling!’ – Jamie (Amazon review)
* * * * * – John (Goodreads Review)
* * * * * – Arnie Postier (Goodreads Review)
* * * * – Robbdominguez (Goodreads Review)
* * * * – Aditti (Goodreads Review)

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