Interesting Stories from a lifetime of Female Domination by Pamela Brighton

“Confessions of a Dominatrix: A Lifetime of Female Domination” by Pamela Brighton


“I was 23 years old, a young woman alone at a fetish party in London when a handsome older man approached me. An hour later he was naked, kneeling before me and kissing my shoes. I had just discovered Female Domination.”

Female Domination of the Sexual Revolution of the 21st Century

In a fascinating account of the FemDom scene Pamela Brighton shares her experiences from the 1980s to the present day.
Her memoirs are filled with true stories, some of them sexy, some of them scary and even some funny ones.
What they all have in common is the genuine freshness which is only found when reporting first hand.
In the years of the Margaret Thatcher the British government emphasized Victorian values and respectability, MPs and judges, as well as media stars, were deeply involved in the secret world of fetish clubs and underground parties.
Pamela Brighton takes her readers on a fascinating journey through thirty years of the FemDom scene with colorful characters and mind-boggling incidents.
Enter into a world of wealthy and successful men placing themselves under the discipline of cruel and demanding dominas.
Observe how innocent young women quickly learn the art of the domineering Mistress.
Learn how errant husbands are punished and humiliated when they arouse the anger of she who must be obeyed.
Pamela Brighton was never a professional Dominatrix and became active in the scene purely for enjoyment, but as an English Literature graduate she has been successful in recording what she saw around her so successfully that her work is likely to become a standard reference on the world of FemDom.

Second Edition

Second edition published in June 2019 with 10% extra content

Terms used in the book


Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline is fully explored, explaining how spankings can be administered using the hairbrush, the paddle, the punishment strap, the tawse, the whip, the birch and the punishment cane.
Each of these is covered in detail with safety tips and colorful anecdotes drawn from her own experiences as a dominatrix in London’s fetish scene.
There are also pointers on other types of punishment such as corner time and a very unusual section on the use of specially designed punishment seats to extend the sessions and torment the submissive male.

Erotic Humiliation

Erotic Humiliation covers a wide range of topics such as objectification, scolding, cuckolding, various types of role play (such as school-teacher detention) and transvestite games with lingerie.
Pamela Brighton gives practical guidance on all of these, and especially on the use of butt-plugs and strap-on dildos to give the lady in charge the upper hand in the bedroom.

Female Supremacy

As the book develops the dominant wife is seen to establish firm control and domestic tyranny through a strict routine of male chastity for her slave.
Among the options explored Pamela Brighton has included ideas on the use of modern technology, such as webcams and FemDom training programs as part of the FemDom relationship.

The Fetish Scene

Drawing upon her own thrilling memories and experiences Pamela Brighton explains how to become aware of the Fetish scene which exists within almost every large town and city, including Fetish Clubs, Dating sites, spank-swapping groups  and FemDom parties. She gives her personal views on the most effective ways to find a suitable partner, and on the advantages and disadvantages associated with visiting a  professional Mistress.

Bonus Material

All of this is supplemented with bonus material taken from Pamela Brighton’s other books and websites providing a selection of erotic short stories and personal experiences which will entertain and fascinate anyone with a perchance for female led relationships.

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