Male Chastity Tease & Denial Techniques by the People who gave us “The Vice”

“Male Chastity Tease & Denial Guide: Everything you need to know about T&D” by Locked In Lust  


Locked in Lust’s very own Male Chastity Tease & Denial Guide is an excellent short-booklet for those interested in Tease & Denial (or T&D for short) – especially pertaining to T&D in terms of male chastity.

This booklet will teach you what T&D is, and how it can give you the best sex life you’ve ever had. It will also teach you different T&D techniques to use on your sub, both locked in chastity, and unlocked; and how each of these techniques will affect him and his psyche.

You’ll learn what the difference between the feelings of “frustration” and “denial” are, and how each one can be used to further your sub into submission.

Sample Text:

Frustration (F): 6-10
Denial (D): 5-9
Teasing with penile stimulation and being unlocked is the holy grail of teasing. It will give you the most frustration out of any other technique. The sub gets the sweet stimulation he craves so deeply, but is left completely unsatisfied, with not as much as even an edge. It will leave him desperately craving “just a bit more”.
With practice, you can keep him in a constant state of a ’10’ on frustration, and turn his brain into jelly. This is a very powerful tool in your arsenal of teases.


– Stroke his cock ever so gently (you can do this for as long as you’d like)
– Give a slow, agonizing blowjob
– (For female Doms) Sit on him with his cock inside of you, but don’t move! You can also use a vibrator on yourself here (extremely frustrating)
– Stroke his cock normally for 30-60 second intervals and stop, without bringing him even close to the edge.
….. Buy the book to see this and much more …..

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