Wow .. This Book is what every submissive man needs. Marisa Rudder does it again!

“Real Men Worship Women: A Gentleman’s Guide to Loving & Obeying Women” by Marisa Rudder  

Real Men

At the Love & Obey movement, we believe that relationships and the world will be a far superior place once it is run by women.

That’s why I wrote this book for men.  It is the rule book about how to live in a happy and successful “loving female led relationship.”  This is the man’s rule book!

I believe in LOVING FEMALE AUTHORITY and treating men with kindness – while demanding obedience.  Let’s face it, women create better homes.  Women are better at juggling work and family.  Women make better decisions under stress.  Women are more emotionally intelligent, and we’re even better at sex once we’re set free.

Our demands for superiority over men are now being recognized by more and more men and that’s why I wrote Real Men Worship Women.  It is the male guide on how to be a gentleman and live and thrive in a female led world.

This book was written by me for MEN. 

Learn my best kept secrets on how to: Find and attract the Dominant Woman of your dreams | Seduce and transform any woman into a Mistress | Make your wildest sexual fantasies come true | Maximize your Love & Obey Female Led Relationship | Become your woman’s perfectly TRAINED gentleman.

You probably know me as the bestselling author of Love & Obey,  “The World’s Best Loving Female Led Relationship” guide for your woman.  My second book REAL MEN WORSHIP WOMEN was specifically written for the MAN who wants to live in a loving Female Led Relationship.  This is your ultimate Gentleman’s Guide to Loving Female Authority and how to live happily in a Female Led Relationship.

You’ll learn my best kept secrets on how to find, attract and maintain a happy relationship with the dominant woman of your dreams.  If you already have a woman, who resists the idea of a Female Led Relationship, I will show you how to seduce your women in no time at all into becoming your powerful Mistress.

In this book, you will learn how to make your wildest sexual fantasies come true – including cuckolding, male orgasm denial, cunnilingus, chastity, threesomes and group sex.  But I also wants you to remember that a Female Led Relationship is more than just amazing, kinky sex.  It’s also a way of life, a lifestyle controlled and run by your loving female authority.

Your woman is in charge. So you’ll learn how to become your woman’s loving, trained and obedient gentleman who is eager to obey and serve her.


2 thoughts on “Wow .. This Book is what every submissive man needs. Marisa Rudder does it again!

  1. slave4chastity77

    Slave 4 Chastity certainly needs to learn it’s nothing more than a slave to be used for a the pleasure of it’s superior Female Owner.


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