Informative New Audio Book on Male Chastity just Released

“A KeyHolder’s Handbook: A Woman’s Guide to Male Chastity Audiobook”  


A complete guide to male chastity.

If you are new to male chastity, or have been practicing it for years, this audio book will guide you to a happier sex life.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to sexually tease and torment your partner, how to talk “dirty” to him, what to say, when and how to say it, even if you are shy or embarrassed, and keeping him aroused when he is away. It’s all here.

Has your partner been pushing you to lock his manhood up in a chastity device?

Are you afraid you won’t live up to his expectations?

Are you too shy, embarrassed, or uncomfortable talking “dirty” to him in bed (or any other time)?

Being a Key Holder should not be terrifying for any woman.  Armed with the information in this audio book, you can become an expert at playing the chastity game.

Once you know how to play it, he won’t stand chance. This guide will make it easy for any woman to become a Key Holder for her partner or any other man, for that matter.

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