New FemDom, Bondage, and Feminization Collection

“Girl Work” by Tanya O’Neil  

Girl Work

Some boys aren’t capable of true masculinity. They aren’t alphas, so they belong in panties.

Ready for Sissy Work
Miranda is a woman with fairly esoteric tastes. When it comes to boys, she doesn’t want someone who’s big, tall, or powerful. Instead, she’s interested in one of her employees, a young man who is smaller than average. She loves his slight build because it makes him the perfect target.

Jared doesn’t know it yet, but he will serve Miranda as her sissy assistant. He might not be ready yet, but Miranda knows exactly how to take care of him. She’s going to strip him, shave him, and then dress him in the perfect uniform. Once he’s in a snug blouse and tartan skirt, he’ll be ready to accept her authority. Because really, that’s what Miranda is actually interested in. She hungers for total power over a sissy like Jared.

Before he’ll be ready for work, Jared will be spanked, dressed, and humiliated. She expects him to understand that his place is on his knees, ready to serve her.

The Chance
Up until this point, Josh and Michelle have been great business partners. Their company is doing well, except for one thing. A key supplier has made a demand: sex. He wants Michelle. He wants to grab her, strip her, and play with her. To this guy, she’s nothing but an object to be used and exploited—but without this supplier, their company will fail, so Josh tells her to do it. He doesn’t want to see all of their hard work destroyed because of one decision. He even says that he would do it if he had the chance, but he can’t. He’s a man, after all.

Or at least, he was. Now, Josh is about to wake up in the body of a sexy, blonde girl. With perfect breasts, a beautiful face, and a tight little body, he’ll look exactly like a model. Plenty of guys will want the chance to sleep with him, including their supplier.

He said he would help out, if only he had the chance. Well, now Josh will get the opportunity never wanted. There’s just one question. Will Michelle force Josh to save their company?

*This is a 14,000 word ebook that features female domination, feminization, bondage, and impact play. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

New FemDom Release by Kat Rose

“Very Cute Vengeance”by Kat Rose


Very Cute    

Warning: This erotica is intended for adults only. This ebook contains mature themes; if you’re offended by sexual content, you should not purchase or review this title.

Darion thought he could get away with embarrassing one of the world’s most powerful corporations. Yeah, right. Somehow, he defied the odds and defeated Viridian Dynamics in court. There’s just something he doesn’t know.

The company will have its revenge, and it’ll go through Angela Tate.

She’s gorgeous, funny, and sweet. Angela makes Darion feel like everything will be good and safe forever. It’s only after he’s signed the prenuptial agreement and married her that she tells him the truth. When she has him bound and helpless on their wedding night, Angela reveals the truth about her connection to Viridian Dynamics…

From this point on, everything changes. Darion won’t be a powerful lawyer with a bright future. Instead he’ll be a helpless little diaper boy, strapped down, teased, and constantly humiliated. She’ll feed him, play with him, and make sure that he can no longer walk like a big boy. Angela might be a petite woman, but she has access to some very unique pharmaceuticals, specialized cocktails that’ll make it impossible for Darion to escape babyhood.

And really, this is only the beginning of Darion’s punishment since there’s someone else who wants to meet him.

Be advised: This 24,000 word story includes bondage, female domination, extensive punishments, and other DL themes. All characters are consenting adults.


New FemDom Release by Anna Ritter

“Slumber Party Slave” by Anna Ritter  


Cory thinks he’s going to have an easy time of it when he goes to visit his little sister. More importantly, he figures that he’s going to be able to hit on her friends since he’s this suave outsider. But then, Corey has no idea what has been going on in Bella Springs.

He doesn’t realizes that this entire city has been established for one purpose: the subjugation of men. Corey is young, attractive, and charismatic but also arrogant and misogynistic. He’s a prime candidate for these girls. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be stripped, humiliated, paddled and tamed, all by a pack of girls ready to have some fun at their slumber party.

Outnumbered, he soon finds himself in shackles. Worse, they punish him whenever he disobeys or annoys them. These girls love having this boy at their mercy.

It’s only a matter of time before he finds himself on his knees, ready to do whatever they wish. Maybe they will model him in a pair of panties. Maybe he will work on painting their toes or serving them wine. For them, it’s just a question of whim. For him, he had better obey. Because if he doesn’t, they’ll make him regret it.

This 10,000 word story features extensive female domination, elements of bisexuality, some sissification, extensive humiliation, bondage, and corporal punishment. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

Keep Your slave on his knees with this Beautiful Humbler

Leather Covered Humbler  


Bend your sub over and lock on the Humblerto keep them on their knees with their ass in the air!

This ingenious device is curved to fit below their ass, with their scrotum stretched through the opening and their balls on the other side.  The tugging on their testicles increases as they try to stand up, effectively keeping them bent over to take whatever you dish out.

Knobs at either end of the Humbler allow you to open and close the device.  This model is covered with high-quality black leather for a sensual feel and finished off with studs for a hot bondage look.

Measurements: 13 inch overall length, testicle opening is 2.7 inches long and 0.95 inches wide when closed, Material: Leather, Metal, Color: Black,  Note: Style of adjustment knobs may vary Warning:

A collection of 7 stories of Sissification by Callie Lockheart

“Sissy: A MegaBundle” by Callie Lockheart  

These are tales guaranteed to titillate, where men get transformed, gender swapped, and Feminized into pathetic sissies.
This is a Mega Bundle containing:

–The Sissy Secretary

–My Professor Turned Me Into A Sissy: Book 1
–My Professor Turned Me Into A Sissy: Book 2
–My Professor Turned Me Into A Sissy: Book 3
–Sissy Academy: Book 1
–Sissy Academy: Book 2
–Sissy Academy: Book 3