Some Great Bondage & Discipline Products from “The Isabella Sinclair Collection”

Isabella Sinclaire Premium Leather Wrist Cuffs Black  

Isabella cuffs

Comfortable cuffs are important, but they also need to get the job done, securing your partner.  I designed these with locking buckles, so you can use them alone or with a padlock for a little extra excitement.  Nothing says you are Mine like the click of a padlock. Made of durable, premium leather with a supple yet durable feel, these premium cuffs feature silver hardware, nickel free metal, and an optional locking buckle for extra security.  The snap hook chain at the center removes easily, and the D-ring allows you attach ropes, chains, or other accessories as you desire.

The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by this sought after Dominatrix for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class.  Measurements: Adjustable from 9 to 12 inches in circumference, 2 inches wide.  Materials Leather, metal. Color Black. Note 2 wrist cuffs with connector chain included.


Isabella Sinclaire Interchangeable Silicone Ball Gag Set 

Isabella gag     

Not every mouth is the same size, so you may need a little versatility with your gag play. Now you have choices.  Allow a muffled moan or stuff they so full they cannot make a peep. -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire.

This versatile set comes with two different gag sizes, which secure easily and quickly via snap hooks at each side.  The durable leather has a high quality look and feel, with an adjustable buckle at the back with an optional locking feature.  The metal is nickel free and brushed for a refined look. The ball is made of smooth silicone for an odorless, tasteless, and easily cleaned ball gag with just a slight amount of give while remaining comfortable.

The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand picked by this sought after Dominatrix for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class.  Measurements small ball gag 1.3 inches in diameter.  Large ball gag 1.75 inches in diameter. Strap is adjustable from 15 inches to 23 inches in circumference. Materials Leather, metal, silicone. Color Black. Note includes small gag, large gag, and strap.


Isabella Sinclaire Heart Gem Silicone 3 Piece Anal Plug Set  

Isabella Plug

Some have said that the way to the heart of a man is through his stomach.  I have found a few more ways to the heart of a slave.  These plugs add a fun little reminder of my ownership, especially when they bend over to show me.  Luckily, it works for my female slaves too! -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire.

This 3 piece set of premium silicone plugs feature a red heart shaped gem at the base, a tapered tip for easy insertion, and a ribbed design for more sensation.  A non-porous and odorless material, it cleans easily and has a silky smooth feel.  Perfect for anal training.

The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand picked by this sought after Dominatrix for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class.

Measurements small butt plug 2.8 inches in total length, 2.5 insertable, 1 inch in diameter. Medium butt plug 3.2 inches in total length, 2.75 insertable, 1.35 in diameter. Large butt plug 3.6 inches in total length, 3.2 insertable, 1.5 in diameter. Materials Silicone, ABS plastic. Color Black. Note 3 anal plugs included.


Isabella Sinclaire 3 Ring Leather Collar With Leash  

Isabella Collar

Sometimes one ring on a collar is not enough to keep my slave feeling compromised and subjugated, which is why I prefer three!  There are so many more options for accessories this way.  And I love accessories… -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire.

This premium leather collar is durable yet supple, with silver toned hardware and an adjustable locking buckle closure.  The three O-rings allow you to attach ropes, chains, or any other accessories you can imagine.  Feel free to play rough this collar is built to last!

The long leather leash has a wrist loop and snap hook for easy connection and release. All hardware is nickel free, and all locks are sold separately.

The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand picked by this sought after Dominatrix for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class. Measurements adjustable from 15 inches to 19 inches in circumference, 1.75 inches wide. Leash measures 47 inches in length. Materials Leather, metal. Color Black. Note includes collar and leash.


Isabella Sinclaire Slave Collar With Nipple Clamps  

Isabella Nipples

A collar is a perfect reminder that someone is being owned for the moment.  The added bonus of nipple clamps is a perfect reminder that their body is being owned also.

Mistress Isabella Sinclaire Lock down your slave and make them submit with this sleek, high-quality, chrome collar.  An upgrade of the original chrome slave collar, this model features a set of clamps attached by matching chrome chains that let you apply exquisite pain to their pretty nipples and remind them of who is in control.

The nipple clamps are fully adjustable via a screw mechanism so you can go from creating a subtle pressure all the way to making them beg!  The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel around their throat until you are finished having your way.

One of the most sought after Dominas in the world, Isabella Sinclaire has been a pillar of the fetish community and a fetish icon since 1993 and one of the first Pro Dommes with an online presence.  She is a revered expert with an unparalleled knowledge on all types of BDSM activities and a deep understanding for those that participate in them.  Isabella Sinclaire is also an international film star that has created or starred in over 60 BDSM films.  The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collectionfeatures exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire for your satisfaction.  Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class.

Measurements: Collar is 4.79 inches in internal diameter (15.07 inch circumference), Collar band is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick, Nipple Clamp chains are 11 inches long Material: Nickel-free chrome-plated steel Color: Grey Note: Includes hex key to lock and unlock collar.

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Interesting Stories from a lifetime of Female Domination by Pamela Brighton

“Confessions of a Dominatrix: A Lifetime of Female Domination” by Pamela Brighton


“I was 23 years old, a young woman alone at a fetish party in London when a handsome older man approached me. An hour later he was naked, kneeling before me and kissing my shoes. I had just discovered Female Domination.”

Female Domination of the Sexual Revolution of the 21st Century

In a fascinating account of the FemDom scene Pamela Brighton shares her experiences from the 1980s to the present day.
Her memoirs are filled with true stories, some of them sexy, some of them scary and even some funny ones.
What they all have in common is the genuine freshness which is only found when reporting first hand.
In the years of the Margaret Thatcher the British government emphasized Victorian values and respectability, MPs and judges, as well as media stars, were deeply involved in the secret world of fetish clubs and underground parties.
Pamela Brighton takes her readers on a fascinating journey through thirty years of the FemDom scene with colorful characters and mind-boggling incidents.
Enter into a world of wealthy and successful men placing themselves under the discipline of cruel and demanding dominas.
Observe how innocent young women quickly learn the art of the domineering Mistress.
Learn how errant husbands are punished and humiliated when they arouse the anger of she who must be obeyed.
Pamela Brighton was never a professional Dominatrix and became active in the scene purely for enjoyment, but as an English Literature graduate she has been successful in recording what she saw around her so successfully that her work is likely to become a standard reference on the world of FemDom.

Second Edition

Second edition published in June 2019 with 10% extra content

Terms used in the book


Domestic Discipline

Domestic Discipline is fully explored, explaining how spankings can be administered using the hairbrush, the paddle, the punishment strap, the tawse, the whip, the birch and the punishment cane.
Each of these is covered in detail with safety tips and colorful anecdotes drawn from her own experiences as a dominatrix in London’s fetish scene.
There are also pointers on other types of punishment such as corner time and a very unusual section on the use of specially designed punishment seats to extend the sessions and torment the submissive male.

Erotic Humiliation

Erotic Humiliation covers a wide range of topics such as objectification, scolding, cuckolding, various types of role play (such as school-teacher detention) and transvestite games with lingerie.
Pamela Brighton gives practical guidance on all of these, and especially on the use of butt-plugs and strap-on dildos to give the lady in charge the upper hand in the bedroom.

Female Supremacy

As the book develops the dominant wife is seen to establish firm control and domestic tyranny through a strict routine of male chastity for her slave.
Among the options explored Pamela Brighton has included ideas on the use of modern technology, such as webcams and FemDom training programs as part of the FemDom relationship.

The Fetish Scene

Drawing upon her own thrilling memories and experiences Pamela Brighton explains how to become aware of the Fetish scene which exists within almost every large town and city, including Fetish Clubs, Dating sites, spank-swapping groups  and FemDom parties. She gives her personal views on the most effective ways to find a suitable partner, and on the advantages and disadvantages associated with visiting a  professional Mistress.

Bonus Material

All of this is supplemented with bonus material taken from Pamela Brighton’s other books and websites providing a selection of erotic short stories and personal experiences which will entertain and fascinate anyone with a perchance for female led relationships.

If you really want to give control of your Chastity Cage to someone else and not have a way out, then you need to look at the New Ground Breaking Cellmate Chastity Device

We have been getting numerous requests for Info about the New CellmateRemote Controlled – App Controlled Chastity Cage.  Here is up to date complete specifications on this Innovative Chastity Device.

CELLMATE Chastity Device – App- Remote Controlled Chastity


Cell Mate

With the CELLMATE Chastity Device, you give up complete control of your penis because the CELLMATEis a Chastity Device for the submissive man that is remotely-controlled by your Key Holder using an App. NO way out until your Key Holder sends the code to the App which will release you!

Very simply and without any difficult technology, your partner controls the CELLMATE Chastity Device using a special App.  Infinitely exciting moments await you with your dominant partner during which you will completely lose control of your penis.

For example, you can use our App-controlled chastity cage when you go shopping and allow yourself to be surprised in the changing room by your partner. It is also particularly exciting at home if your partner has complete control of your manhood.  Now, you can be anywhere, and have your Key Holder control your Chastity Device.

One incredible App, infinite possibilities!  Whether at home, traveling, shopping, playing sports, during bondage or even during remote education – the Cellmate Chastity Device from MEO® keeps you completely chaste and your penis completely under control thanks to its ingenious App control.

CELLMATE – The world’s first App-controlled chastity belt

With the CELLMATE Chastity Device for men, it makes no difference who you are or what you are doing.  With the App-controlled CELLMATE Chastity Device, the Key Holder (the one who holds the power of the keys) must decide whether the submissive man is allowed to be released from his chastity.

In combination with the App for Android and iOS, you can easily set up an account linking your user ID to the CELLMATE chastity belt.

Unique user account: Each account has a Unique User ID.

When your CELLMATE Chastity Cage is coupled with your account, you have to decide whether you want to be the submissive wearer of the CELLMATE or the Dominant Key Holder.  The Key Holder decides when the CELLMATE Chastity Cage unlocks.  You can change your account settings to “Wearer” or “Key Holder” at any time with the approval of your Dominant Partner.

Complete Specifications:

  • The chastity cage for men can be controlled remotely using the App
  • Bestseller, utilizing modern technology – a First in Chastity Cages
  • Global Control using the CELLMATE App
  • Keyless locking system – You don’t have access to Keys to escape – Only your Dominant Partner can release you from the Cage via the App
  • Master / Mistress controls unlocking at all times
  • No escape possible
  • Geo-location and status in real time
  • Long Battery Life (8-12 months). No worry here – If the Battery should die, the Cage will unlock!
  • This is a Chastity Cage designed for Long Term Wearing by subs
  • Ergonomic, Lightweight, and Breathable design
  • Available in Two Sizes (long & regular) for Length
  • Two Sizes of Rings also included, Ø 47 mm and Ø 51 mm = 1.85 and 2 inches
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Cage: Polycarbonate, rings: zinc alloy
  • IPX7 Waterproof – You don’t get to take it off in the Shower
  • Perfect slave punishment or for establishing a Long Term Chastity Routine
  • Detailed and simple Operating Instructions
  • Regular Size: Weight: 74 grams, total length 100 mm = 3.9 inches, width 37 mm = 1.5 inch.
  • Longer Size: Weight: 80 grams, total length 120 mm = 4.7 inches, width 37 mm = 1.5 inch.
  • In order that the penis can slide easily into the penis cage of the CELLMATE, we recommend using lubrication.
  • The CELLMATE Chastity Cage can be detailed cleaned during a break from wearing and also can be cleaned while Showering.

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** Click Here to Order the Longer Size Cage

A Collection of Naughty Stories for Naughty Boys!

“Naughty Boys Get Spanked: A collection of short stories of humiliation, BDSM, and the erotic touch only a FemDom can Provide” by Claire Elliott  


This story contains heavy sexually explicit content.  It features humiliation, whipping, forced submission, anal play, spanking, impact play, breath play, FemDom, Dominants, and submissives.

The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities and this book is intended for adult readers, interested in these kinks ONLY.

This is not a romance story collection and not for the light-hearted.

Claire Elliot brings to you; Naughty Boys Get Spanked, a collection of BDSM short stories for naughty boys, who need a Mistress to treat them the only way they deserve.

This collection of stories is incredibly erotic in nature, including play from across a wide range of BDSM kinks and exploring those kinks with varying levels of intensity. This book is not for the light-hearted. However, if you think you can handle the heat, I hope you enjoy the delights which await you.

New Full Length FemDom Novel just Released

“A Female Led Relationship From The Wife’s Perspective: New Revised & Extended Edition” by FemDom Fred   

Female Led

Well, after a lot of talking we finally agreed.  If this was going to work then it had to be on my terms. I had to be totally in control. I would make the rules and he would abide by them. I would try my best to make sure that I pulled every one of his fantasy strings.

That would mean a lot of internet surfing together and some candid discussions between us.  But, it would need more than that. I didn’t trust him to obey me full time.  I needed a lever.  That would be his chastity.  I demanded total control of his orgasms.  I wanted him locked away permanently.

The bedroom floor was covered in neatly arranged rows of my shoes and boots.  I realized I must have forgotten to lock my bedroom door.  ‘I’ve cleaned them for you,’ he smiled.  ‘While you were….in bed with your lover, I was cleaning your shoes’.

I picked one up and examined it.  It was perfect.  ‘Not very fucking well by the looks of it!’ I shouted.  I picked up another and threw it at him and then I kicked the rest all over the room. ‘For a start, who said you could come into my room and touch my things without permission.  For another thing, you can’t even do a simple thing like clean my shoes without getting it wrong. You are fucking useless!

Well?’My big strong husband stood there dressed in my too small maid’s outfit, eyes cast down at the floor.  I felt such a rush of power.  I knew too that he loved these moments. In his over frustrated state he ached to please me, but somehow longed for my rejection of his efforts.  It just made him swoon with lust and devotion.  I knew, he’d explained it often enough.  His cock would be fighting desperately against its unyielding prison.  I could see the evidence in the involuntary twitching of his hips.  I wondered if I could actually make him cum, inside the cage, without touching him, just by the sheer power of humiliation.