Another Great Novel by talented FemDom Author Lucy Fairbourne

“Strictly Hers: A Male Chastity Femdom Fantasy” by Lucy Fairbourne

Strictly Hers

Sophia is a secretary struggling with daily temptation as a parade of lovely, unavailable men (and their haughty female partners) pass her desk at the secretive law firm where she works. One male client stands out from all the others: James Goodman, who is contracted to the super-rich Isobel Pettifer. Sophia can’t get James out of her mind.

She wouldn’t feel so tempted if only her prissy husband Philip was able to satisfy her, or express his own needs. But even his attempt to explain himself by giving her a book brings more confusion than clarity.

Sophia takes refuge in a fantasy life that invariably features James … until she inadvertently triggers a chain of events that will push her away from fantasy and into discovering who she really is — and what that means for both the men in her life.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Another home run by this Talented Author

“A PROPER CAGE: A FemDom story of Male Chastity and Bondage” by Vickie Scott

A Proper Cage

A Proper Cage is a Female Domination story for adults only and comes from the mind of author Vickie Scott. It is about 34.000 words long and tells the story of Tina and Josh, wife and husband whose marriage is “okay”, but could do with a little more excitement in it.

Josh wants a Female Led Marriage and for his wife to also be his Mistress but initially Tina feels that isn’t what she wants, however it is a lady’s privilege to change her mind.

After a rather unfortunate accident with a plastic chastity cage Josh goes all out and buy a top of the range steel cage, a proper cage, but because of the cost he decides not to tell Tina, just yet.  The story tells of how Tina discovers what Josh has done when she finds a strange looking key under his pillow and how he thinks he has lost a key that can’t be replaced to his cage.

Tina decides to teach him a lesson and with the help of some friends they take Josh further down the submission road than he had bargained. The story shows how the cage helps develop and improve their marriage and how their love for one another grows.

New Release of Two FemDom Stories by Anna Ritter

“Claimed Boys” by Anna Ritter

Claimed Boys

In a woman’s world, some boys are just meant to be claimed…

Claiming Brandon:
Although she loves her boyfriend, Annalise craves something different, something new. She knows her boyfriend, Brandon, will like it once he tries it, but she needs to encourage him first. She teases him, cajoles him, and finally convinces Brandon to let her tie him down. And once those ropes are tight around his wrists, she can do whatever she wants.


Annalise touches, teases, and torments her boyfriend. From now on, he’ll address her as, “ma’am.” He must respect her authority because she owns him now. This might sound like a game at first, but she itches to make it permanent. Annalise just needs to show him how she can wield a pleasure and pain to mold him into the ideal slave.

As his girlfriend, she presses and caresses all the right spots. She makes him moan for more, but that teasing and denial draws him into a new sense of powerless servitude. Worse, he can’t do anything about it, not while tight knots keep him face down. And as the pleasure starts to soften him up, she applies pain. She can use a paddle to turn his backside red.

Of course, there’s one last thing she really wants to do. Brandon doesn’t know it yet, but she’s ready to penetrate her boyfriend. Because once she done that, she can claim Brandon as her slave forever.

Vanessa’s Revenge:
Like so many other women in office jobs, Vanessa believed she had been hired based on her credentials and expertise. She might be young, but she deserves to work at this firm. Unfortunately, her boss doesn’t agree. Gavin only hired her because of her cute face and hot body. Now he expects her to perform to his “standards”.

Vanessa thought she could handle it; she thought she could handle him, but he sleeps with her, fires her, and now she doesn’t know what to do—not until she starts to hear the whispered rumors. Apparently, some of the men in Crystal Canyon are behaving strangely. Whenever they hear a command issued by a woman, they feel like they must obey. It’s a compulsion, one none of them have been able to resist.

Although she’s not sure about these rumors, Vanessa decides to take a chance. She visits her boss, confronting Gavin directly. Once they’re alone, she starts to order him around…and he obeys! That’s right. From this point forward, Gavin is going to be an obedient male for her. She can make him crawl, strip, and service her. Even better, she can make him resign since she’s going to need a secretary after she takes his job. Oh yeah, this is going to be fun. Vanessa intends to enjoy herself as she takes revenge on this misogynistic jerk.

Please be advised: These two stories are about the sexual subjugation of men. If you aren’t interested in this kind of content, please do not read this title. This story features Female Domination, pegging, bondage and male humiliation.


“Readers better strap themselves in for a roller coaster of erotic excitement in this beautifully constructed FemDom love story.  I emphasize story construction because too often Female Domination stories (and novels) are just a sequence of ever-kinkier scenes as a substitute for a satisfying dramatic structure.  Peterson, however, knows what he’s about from the first to the final sentence, en route parceling out surprises that all seem to vibrate with dramatic inevitability … Unexpected Present is sizzling hot, sensuously supercharged (for FemDom aficionados) and, at the same time, a tender tale of a blissfully erotic marriage.

“Unexpected Present” by Ryan Peterson

Unexpected Present

Unexpected Present is a romantic FemDom story.  It begins on Christmas Eve with a young married couple, Paul and Kate, who are in a vanilla relationship.  They are in love, but Kate has secretly wanted to add BDSM elements to their sex life, with her as the dominant.  While Paul is not an active submissive, he likes that Kate often initiates sex, and he has had occasional fantasies about being helplessly teased by a beautiful woman.
They have decided to exchange symbolic gifts over the Twelve Days of Christmas. The theme of Kate’s gifts is that she wants to add FemDom elements to their relationship. Finding what he thought was the perfect present, however, had driven the agreement out of Paul’s mind until the last minute.  He scrambles to put together twelve presents, and fatefully decides to give her a chastity cage he had bought on an impulse, as her first gift, and the keys to the lock as the second.
This sets a pattern, and after they exchange the first two gifts, Kate interprets every gift as symbolizing Paul’s desire to submit to her.  Because he loves her and doesn’t want to disappoint her, and because he doesn’t want to admit he has no theme for his gifts, Paul does not correct her assumptions.
With each day, they go deeper. The chastity cage and keys lead naturally to teasing and denial.  They move quickly on from there to spanking, bondage, discipline, financial control, and on New Year’s Day, Paul agrees to become Kate’s slave for a trial period.
As day by day Kate becomes more dominant, they find their feelings for each other growing stronger.  Kate is deeply moved by the trust he shows in her, and being able to engage in the dominance she had only fantasized about before makes her love him more. Paul knows that she would understand if he told her he forgot their agreement, but he doesn’t want to hurt her.  He also finds the new, more dominant Kate, sexier and more exciting.  And by New Years, he is disturbed by how naturally he submits to her. Is Kate’s Unexpected Present going to vanish before the 12th day is over?  Or is it a present that will last a lifetime?.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Hot, Sexy and packed with with the unexpected…

Darkness between us

He needed me. He didn’t know I needed him more.

A young submissive multimillionaire. A true sadist mistress who looks like the woman who has made him who he is now. And the dark secrets of the past standing between.

One woman has turned Landon Sander, the twenty-sever-year-old billionaire, into the submissive masochist he is now. Even if she’s long gone, a size-eight blonde mistress, who looks exactly like the woman he loved and loathed the most, walks into the play dungeon of his BDSM club and reminds him how weak and sick he still is.

Obsessed with the sexy mistress with her red heels and piercing eyes, Landon pursues her as if she’s his last hope, not knowing why she won’t take him as her sub or that she has secrets much darker than his.

Mistress Godiva doesn’t take new subs. But Landon’s obsession with her, the pain and humiliation he’s willing to take in order to make him hers, and above all the torment in his eyes turn her on.
She wants him now. But when she knows the secret behind his obsession with her, it opens an old wound that is too much to bear.

Mistress Godiva is exactly what Landon needs, and she, too, needs him more than he thinks.
But the darkness in his past and hers stands between.

Whether it destroys them both or unites their damaged hearts… read “DARKNESS BETWEEN US” to find out.