The Holidays are right around the Corner. You need to Order this Christmas FemDom Classic for Your Significant Other today and you just might enjoy a Very Kinky Holiday Season

“Mistress Benay’s Twelve Days Of Christmas: “No Partridge In A Pear Tree” In This Christmas Tale” by Mistress Benay

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Christmas  Christmas2

When Mistress Benay’s slave/husband returned home from business, for the Holidays, he had no idea of what was in store for him, but he found out soon enough when Mistress Benay unveiled her plans for her “Twelve Days of Christmas”

This Christmas Tale has no “Partridge In A Pear Tree”, but is full of Male Chastity, Female Domination, Bondage Scenes, High Heel Worship, and plenty of details about the Exciting Dungeon Sessions which Mistress Benay enjoyed during the Holidays, with a little help from Mistress Ellen and Mistress Jill.

There’s no doubt that you will inevitably agree that this is the Kinkiest and most Memorable Holiday Season which you have ever read about!

If you enjoy Female Domination, Male Chastity, Bondage, High Heel Worship, and Exciting Domination Scenes, then you will love this Book!

5.0 Out of 5 Stars … Great Book and a Skillful Writer
Twists and turns at every corner. Definitly brings a new twist to the “Twelve Days of Christmas”!!   Would recommend to all.
5.0 Out of 5 Stars … Another Great Story from a True Mistress of the Genre
Oh my!  What a great story!  Beautifully written, well structured, smooth narrative flow, and just damn sexy!

New Sissy & FemDom Release by Scarlett Steele

“Sissy Feminization – From Alpha Male to Feminized Sissy – 5 Book Bundle” by Scarlett Steele

Sissy Feminization

5 stories of Sissy Feminization

This scorching hot bundle includes 5 sexy tales of sissy Feminization.

Included in this bundle are

* Sissy Punishment

* Sissy Student

* Sissy Thong

* Sissy Leash

* Sissy Ridiculed

This .30,000 word bundle contains adult themes including feminization , sissification , sissy maid and should be read by adults only!

New FemDom Release by Dominique Paige

“Dominant Females Bundle” by Dominique Paige

Dominant Females

These dominant females cuckold and humiliate their submissive husbands:

FemDom Chastity

When Mistress Lana proposes that Oliver wear a chastity belt, he thinks it’s going to be one of the hardest things he’ll ever do. Little does he know, the belt is only the beginning of his submission to his new Mistress!

Ball Buster

This is the story of Ben and Erica, and how Erica comes to finally fulfil her desires of drawing Ben into her world of Female Domination. She awakens desires in Ben that he didn’t even know he had, and he learns to have an open mind and sore balls as he obeys his new Mistress! This story contains explicit sex scenes and BDSM themes. It involves female domination as well as pain and punishment.

Forced To Watch

Suspicions about his girlfriend, Natalie, come to a head when Isaac gets the chance to check her phone just before she leaves for a night out. There’s a shock when he finds a Tinder contact on it, but he says nothing about the fact she may be cheating on him. Her story about meeting one of her friends for a drink suddenly rings hollow though, and he follows her when she leaves to find her meeting her Tinder date in a quiet bar. When a second man appears, his shock grows and he ducks into the dark alley beside the bar when he sees them leaving. That leaves him in prime position to watch the whole thing as he is cuckolded by two men using his girlfriend in a back alley encounter.

Just Released – The Finale of “The American Matriarchy”

“The American Matriarchy: Part 4” by Anna Ritter


This is it, the end of male power and authority.

The men now understand what Bella Springs really is. It’s not some Utopian society designed to flatter the ego of Stacy Farber, the city’s founder. Oh no. This is a place of female supremacy, a community where masculinity is punished by default. As far as these women are concerned, men must be put in their place—on their knees with their heads bowed as they listen and prepare to obey.

Males can be stubborn. Some of the men are determined to hold onto the last vestiges of their dignity and self-respect. Perhaps they can reassert themselves. Maybe. Only time will tell, but it’s clear the women here are determined to hold power. Forever.

The American Matriarchy series includes extreme female domination, male subjugation, spanking, public humiliation, stocks, chastity training, pegging, and more. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.