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“A Female Led Relationship: Told From The Wife’s Perspective” by FemDom Fred


This book details the experiences of a happily married couple who, at the husband’s suggestion, decide to play at female domination.

The wife is reluctant at first but soon comes to see the advantages for her and the fun to be had for them both by bringing her husband’s fantasies to life.

Through enforced chastity, cuckolding, bondage and corporal punishment the wife gradually and, at first, slightly reluctantly, pushes the boundaries of their game.

The tale is told entirely from the wife’s perspective and details her thoughts and feelings as she drives her devoted husband into ever deeper devotion to his ever more demanding Mistress.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … FemDom Author Tanya Chris does it again!

“Mine” by Tanya Chris


Amanda’s not loving life in her new home town.  Her roommate is a weepy hermit, the rock climbing gym is substandard, and she hasn’t whipped anyone in months. So when an odd encounter leads her to believe that Derek—the good-looking, sweet-tempered climber every woman wants but no woman gets—is a submissive, she’s ready to take control and give him a night to remember.

There’s something special about Amanda, something that’s been calling to Derek ever since he met her, even if he doesn’t understand what it is.  He’s yearning to give her everything she needs, until he finds out that what she needs is for him to submit.

Derek is strong, smart, and well-adjusted.  Why would he get down on his knees for a woman? And why is he just now realizing that that’s what he’s always wanted to do?

Derek may be new to BDSM, but Amanda’s new to relationships.  Neither one of them knows whether a Domme with a grudge against the world and a man who’s surprised to learn he’s a submissive can make love work, but they both know what they want: someone to call Mine.

Mine is a full-length standalone M/F femdom story with a happy ending.

5.0 out of 5 Stars … A Dream Come True

“They Are in Charge: Had by a Group” by Henrietta Soto

They are in charge

Jack’s always dreamed of being used and taken by a group of gorgeous women, and his girlfriend Kim wants to make the fantasy come true.

Once Jack has proved his willing obedience with his talented mouth and hands, she lets three other women bend him over and use him in every possible way.

Anything goes in this story of a loving couple exploring FFFFM group play where the women take the dominant role.

What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets! Part II: My Growing Stable Of Slaves will be FREE on Amazon from 10/11 through 10/15

“What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets! Part II: My Growing Stable Of Slaves” by Mistress Vanessa will be FREE on Amazon from 10/11 through 10/15

Part II   

In Part I of “What The Mistress Wants … The Mistress Gets!”. Mistress Vanessa took us back to 1998 in New York City when She, an aspiring Broadway Actress made a dramatic Career change, and became a Dominatrix. She detailed for us the events that led up to her making that decision, and in a wonderful sensuous manner, described for us the initial Domination Sessions which she conducted with Clients.
Now, in this Explosive and Exciting Sequel, Mistress Vanessa picks up the story as her path to becoming a successful and sought after Dominatrix continues, and her Stable of Slaves quickly grows.
When you read this book, you will be absolutely aroused and enthralled by the graphic in-depth details which Mistress Vanessa conveys about the longest Session which she conducted as a Mistress at The House of Female Domination in New York City. She also gives us a very intimate look at the relationship which she shared with her two roommates, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Joan.
We can guarantee you that you won’t be able to put this Sizzling Novel down once you start reading it.
Mistress Vanessa once again spares no details, as she takes you behind closed doors. and gives you an intimate look at the clients who came to her for Sessions, and the desires, fetishes, and fantasies which those clients brought with them to her Dungeon, where she turned their fantasies into reality.
Readers should be cautioned that this Novel contains explicit descriptions of activities involving Female Domination, Bondage and Discipline, Forced Feminization, Bi-Sexual Relations, Female Led Relationships, and Enforced Male Chastity

New Five Star Review posted on a Top Selling FemDom Novel by an Acclaimed Author

“At Her Beck and Call – The Whole Story: Female Domination Boxed Set” by Mistress Benay

 Wow mind blowing Stuff!

I would recommend this book to anybody who has fantasies of serving or dominating because I believe it satisfies both desires. To hear her speak to her husband/slave is mind opening as well as enticing

AHBAC_The Complete Story

Since Mistress Benay released her first novel in 2013, readers made her one of the hottest Female Domination writers in the country. One of the most frequent requests received from her readers was for her to put both “At Her Beck and Call” Novels together in one boxed set and into one exciting novel. You asked and you received! Now, here in “At Her Beck and Call – The Whole Story”, Mistress Benay delivers what readers have been asking for, and at a special reduced price for a Novel of this size and quality! The Mistress takes you from the very beginning when She met her slave/husband Troy on the Internet and molded him into her adoring slave right up to the time that She opened her BDSM Bed and Breakfast Inn in Colorado.

You’ll be treated to one detailed and exciting chapter after another, as Mistress Benay described the Double Domination Sessions which She conducted with Mistress Ellen and Mistress Susan. She also spared no detail as She chronicled for you her Sessions along with Mistress Jill where they used two slaves for their entertainment and pleasure. Mistress Benay also brought her readers inside her Dungeon and shared with them the first time that She Cuckolded slave Troy, and also transformed a beautiful woman into her personal slave, while also taking her pleasure with the woman’s husband while both slave Troy and slave Maria watched while helplessly bound.

Each Chapter of “At Her Beck And Call – The Whole Story” will keep you entranced and excited due to the sensual and wonderful way Mistress Benay presents Her story. Each Chapter also offers the bonus of actual pictures of Mistress Benay and her slave in action.
Readers do need to be warned that this Novel contains explicit BDSM Themes including Female Domination, male Chastity, Bi-Sexual Activity, Strap-On Sex, Trampling, Nipple Torture, and various depictions of Punishment and Discipline. It does provide, however, a real road map for women who are interested in learning how to make a Female Led Relationship a part of their life with their husband or partner, and also offers specific suggestions on implementing male Chastity into a Relationship.