New FemDom Release by Katt Ford

“Employee Of The Year: Parts 1 – 6” by Katt Ford 


When Mason goes on a business trip with his sexy boss, he has no idea what’s in store…

Because his female boss Jenny isn’t just beautiful. She’s also kinky. And she has a plan to turn around their company’s fortunes by using Mason as the submissive bait in a trap set for another dominant woman.

And to his surprise, Mason finds he’s more than happy to be used this way. Submitting to Jenny is the hottest experience of his life. And as she pushes his boundaries again and again, Mason finds himself falling more deeply under her dominant spell…

5.0 out of 5 Stars … Awesome FemDom Novel … Just get it and read it. Six Stars!

“Caught In The Act: A Tale Of Male Chastity And Forced Feminization” by Mistress Benay… Available in both Kindle and Paperback Format

Caught In The Act  Caught_ Part II

Samantha Wilson is not only a successful executive, who is climbing the corporate ladder, but she is also beautiful and sexy, and turns men’s heads every place she goes.

She has tolerated her husband, Brandon’s laziness, and his lack of initiative for years, but that all changes one night when she returns home early from a business trip, and finds Brandon in a very compromising position.  From that point forward, Samantha decides to take control of her marriage, and when she does, Brandon not only finds himself permanently locked into a male chastity tube, but also forced into a new role as Samantha’s Sissy Slave.

Brandon may have never worked hard at a job outside of the home, but Samantha makes sure that her Sissy Slave is definitely kept busy at all times, taking care of her large house, and providing all of the personal pleasure which she desires.

Bonus: If you enjoyed Mistress Benay’s “FemDom Law Firm” Series, then you will be excited to know that some of your favorite characters from that Series, also appear here in this sensual novel.

Readers are advised that this story contains graphic details of Female Domination, Male Chastity, Forced Feminization, Bi-Sexual Relations, and Bondage & Discipline.

Part II:

In this Exciting Sequel to “Caught In The Act”, Samantha Wilson takes her Sissy Maid husband, Brandon deeper into the throes of Female Domination, Male Chasity, Forced Feminization, and a new life as her Cuckolded Sissy Slave.

Just when he thought that things could not get any worse, Samantha takes a lover, and Brandon suddenly finds that he must answer not only to his beautiful and strict wife, but also now to a domineering Alfa-Male.

Brandon’s life becomes even more difficult when Samantha has to go out of town to a Convention, and she turns him over to Mistress Heather for a week. Heather jumps at the chance to “Sissy Sit” Brandi, and use Samantha’s slave for her Service, Pleasure, and Entertainment.

After spending his first night in the Jail Cell in Heather’s basement Dungeon, Brandon learns that his new Mistress does not take kindly to any mistakes at all by her Sissy Maids.

Readers are cautioned that this Novel contains graphic details of Male Chastity, Female Domination, Cuckold Relationships, Bi-Sexual Relationships, and BDSM.

New FemDom Release by Violet Pound

“Mistress Humiliates the Nervous Virgin Boy” by Violet Pound

Mistress Humiliates

He is twenty-nine, but the embarrassing truth is that he still has the body of a boy. He is not what you would call handsome — no, he looks like a creep.

As he trembles in the hallway, this could be the most important decision that he has ever made in his life. He has no confidence and is unsure whether he is even doing the right thing, but he decides to knock on the door in front of him.

A beautiful woman wearing a red latex dress answers and invites him inside. She demands to know more about her new client, and he — feeling brave — chooses to tell her a very intimate secret.

But what he admits will only make her respect him even less than she already did!

She will be only too happy to let him know what she thinks of him, and it’s not good. She thinks that he is utterly and truly pathetic. Not a real man at all.

She will strip and degrade and demean him. She will try to break him.

He needs to be taught just how lowly his status in society really is. He doesn’t deserve to be loved. And he certainly doesn’t deserve to have sex!

He doesn’t deserve any kind of stimulation at all.

Violet Pound is an author of erotic fiction; she lives in the South East of England and specializes in writing stories of female-led domination.


Three Stories of Gorgeous, Dominating Women, who just Love to Exert Control over their men!

“Femdom Mistresses” by Lucille Levine

FemDom Mistresses

1. Training Alex

Alex hates his job, he hates his boss, he hates his life. When a mysterious, beautiful stranger comes in, offering to brutally train him in order to help him feel better about himself, he’s not sure what to think.

He nervously accepts, and begins a descent into a strange world of leather, toys and sissy submission. Soon, he’s being treated like a pet and begging for more. But he’s going to quickly discover that Mistress Sin has ruthless plans to send him to the doghouse… and it makes him pant with a desire like no other.

A standalone BDSM romance with elements of pet play.

She Owns Me

Karl and Sara’s relationship has lost its spark. Sara even worries that maybe Karl is cheating on her. When Sara discovers hardcore FemDom porn on Karl’s computer, she’s shocked.

What’s more shocking is just how turned on watching it makes her.

Sara comes up with a plan to give Karl a birthday he’ll never forget. She’s going to let him live out his sordid fantasies for real. And by the time she’s done with her little slave, she’ll never have to worry about him cheating on her again.

Because soon, Sara’s going to prove to Karl that she owns him.

A standalone erotic sub domme romance with a very HEA.

3. Hardcore Masseuse

Even though Erika loves to dominate her pathetic husband, there’s one thing she’s refused to do in the bedroom. Until now.

She surprises her husband with a tender, erotic massage, before she turns the tables on him, making him the receiver of her love. Soon she’s stretching him in ways he never knew possible.

Five Steamy Stories of male submission and Female Dominance at Weddings!

“Femdom Wedding Stories: A Five Story Bundle of Men Submitting”by Henrietta Soto 


Taken by His Bride

Ryan knows there’s nothing blushing about his bride, and the first thing he does on their wedding night is go willingly to his knees. He’s thrilled by Carley’s explicit instructions, which leave no doubt that he belongs completely to her. Collared and obedient, Ryan is eager to be used and taken hard by his new wife in any way which will please her.

Had by the Maid of Honor

The Maid of Honor and the Best Man sneaking away from the wedding is a time-honored tradition. What Nicole has in mind for her boyfriend Curtis, however, is far from traditional! She puts Curtis on his knees, demanding his obedience. Curtis is eager to serve, and begs Nicole to use him harder and harder.

Tied by a Bridesmaid

Clara enjoys being a bridesmaid. When else does she get to dress up, support her friend and flirt with the handsome Best Man all on the same day? Seth is new to the kind of power play Clara enjoys, but is eager to learn! More importantly, he’s very, very willing to follow Clara’s instructions. Tied up and told what to do, Seth has the time of his life!

Taken by the MILF

Harris has always thought Michelle was the hottest MILF he knew. He never dreamed she’d be interested in a man so much younger than her. Acting as Best Man, Harris puts himself entirely at Michelle’s service. This incredibly hot and bossy MILF tells him exactly what she wants, fulfilling all Harris’ wildest fantasies!

Shared by His New Wife

Flynn and Diana want to have a wedding night to remember. Diana always has a plan, and this one is hot enough to make Flynn’s heart pound. Tied to the bed and shared with two of her bridesmaids, Flynn is used and made to satisfy. Making him earn his reward by showing off his obedience ends happily for everyone.